Saturday, October 27, 2012

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Fly Fishing In Late October on the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland 2012.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Fly Fishing In Late October on the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland 2012.

Last day of the current week and it was very cold. We were out early as were many other beats to get some fishing in prior to the Canoe Tay Descent event.
A very cold start on Benchil on the lower Tay just below Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland.

Terry Lynch was soon into a good fish fly fishing from the boat in the Long Shot.

After a monumental battle Terry landed his first ever salmon fly fishing. It was an impressive 21 pounds which was quickly released. Cracker, well done Terry.

Billy Davidson plays a lively salmon from the boat in the Long Shot on the fly.

A fresh run 9 pounds salmon was landed and released.
Just after this the Canoe Tay Descent took effect and we adjourned for Lunch. The eveny went through Benchil from 12am to 2.30pm. Most on the canoeists were well behaved and took instruction from ghillies on the beats but there was an element that completely ruined it for all by ploughing through the pools making life very difficult. No fish were caught in the afternoon, I wonder why? !!!! This must be sorted for next year.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Bob, there needs to be a solution, the rivers focus should remain with the heritage of salmon fishing. This generates vital associated revenues for tourism and must be protected. Plenty time to canoe on Sundays..or perhaps allocated time slots should be agreed with canoeists to minimise conflict..just another area where the government need to wake up and take action...Stew Collingswood

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the fact that the fishing season was extended from 15th October to 31st October, thus clashing with Tay Descent which tried to fit in immediately after fishing season in previous years.

Some ignorance to the needs of kayakers here. The line of the river for weir and rapid shoots needs to be taken into account. Also November is too late for event. It was already dropped to 3 degrees C. Some kayakers are also more novice in in tippy racing boats.

I passed through at speed in elite K2 class and it was tricky to avoid some of you as you were fishing opposite each other and also at tops of weirs where line for shoot has to be accounted for. K2's are very tippy boats (easy to go for swim), usually reserved for sprint racing. In general we were river centre.

You have/had the river to yourself every other day.

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