Thursday, January 7, 2010

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland Winter 2010.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland Winter 2010.

These were the scenes on the river Tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland at sunset on an extremely cold winters day in January 2010. The temperatures were down below -10 Celsius and dropping further. It is so cold now that ice flows are now starting to go down the river. A lot of the smaller rivers in the area are already frozen over. These include the Almond and Isla. The Tay in parts is starting to freeze over as well as you can see from some of these pictures below.
The opening of the river Tay is now only a week away with the Tay Board Opening ceremony being held at Dunkeld in the middle area of the river. The excitement is building for many. This cold weather will benefit the lower river assuming a few spring salmon are entering the river.

Sun set on the Horesy pool of the Pitlochrie beat of the lower Tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland on a very cold January night.

The Ice flows clearly visible floating down the river.

Pitlochrie Pool starting to freeze over at the edges at Stanley.

Ice flows floating down the Pitlochrie pool on the lower Tay Pitlochrie beat. Freezing temperatures tonight will extend any frozen parts of the river. It is to be an extremely cold night with temperatures to go down to around -20 Celsius which is very cold for this area.

Sun set on the Wash House pool at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland.

Low water in the Wash House pool just above Stanley Mills with the ice clearly visible.

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