Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Autumn Salmon on the Pitlochrie beat of the Tay.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Autumn Salmon on the Pitlochrie beat of the Tay.

At last a day to remember in August 2009 on the river at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland. There were six salmon taken today (25/08/2009). All the salmon were fresh run except one and 3 out of the six were returned.

This is the party leader Graham May playing a Grilse in the Horsey pool on a flying c from the bank.

Nearly at the net after a lively fight.

Myself and Graham with the 7 pounds grilse.

The fish is carefully returned to the river.

Richard Street with a lovely fresh grilse from the Horsey pool caught on a flying C.

Graham Maunder with a fresh grilse taken on a coster in front of Stanley Mills in the Tarr Tank pool of the Pitlochrie beat at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland.

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Anonymous said...

Six in a day for "Benchil and Pitlochrie" WOW -- how bloody exciting SIX!
This Catch and Release idea is really paying off.


Anonymous said...

TaySlider - you are a tit

Anonymous said...

Tayslider - you do have a point. One good day does not make a season. In fact according to fishtay, some beats did not have 6 in a week last week! So my congratulations go to the anglers concerned who got lucky. Well done lads and hope your luck continues. However this river system needs more than luck to recover what has been a really poor season.

Anonymous said...

Thats two tits this year, Stumpy boater and Tayslider. Imagine sharing a boat with these two... bring a dictionary and a few prosac.

Anonymous said...

Lovely language to challenge an opinion! It always goes personal! How sad!!

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