Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Report on the Opening day of the 2008 Tay Salmon Season.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Report on the Opening day of the 2008 Tay Salmon Season.

This was an article in the Daily Mail by Louise Hosie.
You should see the one I threw away.
ANGLERS are often teased for boasting about the enormous 'one that got away'. But as this year's salmon season officially opened yesterday, they were more likely to spin yarns about the one they threw away. Fishermen on the River Tay have been urged to toss back their first catch of the day in a bid to combat dwindling stocks. The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board issued the advice amid fears climate change is behind a falling number of fish in the river. Its warning came as anglers - including TV presenter Fiona Armstrong - gathered at Kenmore, Perthshire, to mark the new season. Ghillie Bob White said: 'The Tay Board has already recommended that fish are returned, but nobody has been paying any attention. This year, we have been trying to get river owners to include it in their rules and regulations so people have to return the salmon.' A short time after the season's official opening, the first catch was made - a 7lb salmon caught by Jason McRoberts, 36, from Glasgow. Anglers fishing on the opening day compete for the Redford Trophy, awarded to the person who catches the heaviest salmon. Previously, they killed the fish before weighing them but now they will be expected to return them to the river alive.


Anonymous said...

If you want riparian owners to include the returning of fish in their rules, you had better start looking for new employment Bob.
Tenants will disappear quicker than "snow of a dyke" and go to pastures new where such draconian and stupid rules don't exist.
Even the Countryside Alliance spokesman on the Charlie Whelan Show today (Radio Scotland 11a.m.) was against Catch and Release.

The lack of fish may not be something we can alter as the global cycle changes.

Good luck in your search for a job.
What other talents do you possess?


Robert White said...

Sorry you seem to out of touch as most are for these conservation measures. We are looking to the future and not for to-day.

Anonymous said...

it works on the why not give it a try.i took 5 fish up at kinbrace for a week, returned them all.a picture of putting one back is more off a prize than a dead worry is returning bleeding grilse,(vent) , does anyone know if they mend once in the river for a bit.keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think with the forward thinking now being exhibited by all but a very stubborn minority your employment is safe for the long distance future, Bob.

I do wish those media types would stop saying we should throw them back, when the recommendations state returning gently, as we all do.

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