Friday, January 25, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland 2008 January Flood.

Salmon Fishing Scotland 2008 January Flood.
These are pictures taken to-day (25th January 2008)of the biggest flood of the year so far. I am not sure of the actual height of the river as it is still rising as i write this. The flood has been caused by a dramatic rise in temperature melting the snow and wind and rain. The Height at 6.30pm was 14'6 and still rising!


Anonymous said...

Perfect for the floatin' line then, eh?

Don't you just love Global warming.


smolt said...

We see that Jimmie and Davie have had 2 fish already
You and Gordie should be out today harling from frist light till dusk

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with global warming. Its what you call one of Scotlands perfect drainage system's

Anonymous said...

Gordie must have been holding that pish in for a long time!!!!

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