Sunday, January 20, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland January 2008 Big Tay Springer.

Salmon Fishing Scotland January 2008 Big Tay Springer.

This was the account of the 27lber on the Glendelvine beat of the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland.
This 'absolute topper' was landed Thursday afternoon at 3pm on the famous Glendelvine beat of the Tay. It was hooked harling by expert ghillie Stevie McIrvine and played & landed by famous Tay fisher Mr Harry Irvine. The fish was hooked up in the Garth Pool at the very top of Glendelvine water just below the boundary with the Stenton beat. It took an original pink Luki Loui lure and was returned quickly to the water. It was estimated at around the 27 lbs mark. The very same lie produced a springer of 26 lbs 3 years ago and many other big springers before that. What a great start to the season for Harry & Stevie and full marks for setting free this remarkable early Tay 'specimen' springer. Very well done.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent!!Well done Stevie.I see you put it back for Blackie tommorrow.

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