Thursday, January 17, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Atlantic Salmon Identification.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Atlantic Salmon Identification.
These are all Atlantic Salmon which can be caught in the river at this time of year but which is which? Have a go at identifying them by leaving comments and i will post the proper identities later. Incidentally the last three were all caught to-day.
Thanks for all your comments on the fish pictured.

Easy one to start. This was a springer caught in April and yes James you were correct it was caught in the Gean Tree pool in the Catholes.

This is a Kelt which we caught yesterday. For novices take note of the thin eel like look of the fish and the big head in proportion to the body. Once the season gets into late February and March the kelts turn very silver as they prepare to go to sea so identifying them against springers can be more difficult for the inexperienced.

This is a female unspawned salmon which is called a Baggot. The body still has a girth because it has still to spawn. This fish was caught yesterday as well.

Lastly this is a male salmon still full of milt. This was termed a Kipper by the Ghillies or a Rawner. Possibly this has been a late runner as it is still quite silver and would widely accepted as a good fish in the Autumn.


aw said...

top fish is fresh
2 kelt
fresh cock

aw, hope im right

Anonymous said...

1st-fresh fish
2nd-hen kelt
4th-fresh cock

Watco said...

1st - Fresh (looks like it was an unlucky fish) caught by a ghillie shame on it.
2nd - Kelt
3rd - Baggot
4th - Fresh

Anonymous said...

1 Fresh summer fish
2 kelt
3 rawner
4 fresh (hope it was returned)


James Mckay said...

1st - Fresh summer fish caught from Gean Tree pool
2nd - hen kelt
3rd - Baggot
4th - Late, fresh cock fish yet to spawn.

Anonymous said...

If this is what the mighty Tay is producing from one of its better beats, maybe a moratorium is now the only answer.
No angling for a minimum of 5 years, then only test angling until it can be seen to be improving vastly.


Anonymous said...

wildfowlers are required to identify what they shoot before they take a shot.salmon fishers should also be familiar with identification before they are let loose with a rod early season
1st.Fresh run fish (probably a summer fish).
Do I get a TSFB sweatshirt?

Anonymous said...

Is this a pub quiz.
Oh what a poser! Em...... I'll try this.

1 fresh summer fish
2 kelt
3 Baggot
4 probably rawner

Now go away and try to catch something noteworthy.


Anonymous said...

1. fresh summer fish
2. fresh
3. freshish
4. keepable

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