Friday, December 7, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring 2008.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring 2008.
Let us now look forward to the spring of 2008.

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A bailiff walks up to a fly fisherman with a large bucket full of Rainbows in a Catch & Release area. The bailiff says,"You's illegal to keep those fish you caught?" The fisherman answers, "I didn't catch those, they're my pet fish, I bring them down here from home once a day so they can swim around and when I whistle they come back and jump in the large bucket and I take them back home". The warden says, " I don't believe it". So the fisherman dumps the large bucket and the fish go for a swim. After a few minutes the bailiff says, "Well..when are you going to whistle to bring the fish back?" The fisherman says,"What fish are you talking about?!?!?!"

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