Thursday, December 13, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Hatchery Visit.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Hatchery Visit.
Hatchery visit for city pupils
SECOND YEAR PUPILS at St George's Girls School in Edinburgh visited the Tay District Salmon Board Hatchery near Perth yesterday as part of the Salmon in the Classroom project, writes Ken Bell, angling correspondent for the Courier.

The project, organised by Edinburgh Zoo, shows pupils the life history of the salmon.

Pupils are given a small aquarium and salmon ova to hatch in their classroom before the fry are returned to their native river.

Yesterday, the girls saw John Young, ghillie on the Lochlane and Laggan beat of the Earn and chairman of the Tay Ghillies Association, help strip the eggs from a hen fish collected from the Machany Burn, an Earn tributary.

The eggs were put into a tray, joining more than a million others collected from fish from rivers and burns in the Tay system.

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