Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Government Catch records.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Government Catch records.
The Scottish Government have recently published their Statistical Bulletin of official salmon catches for 2006.

For the Tay district the total salmon and grilse catch was 11,843. This was the best rod catch since 1995, in fact the 10th best year reported since 1952.

Most encouragingly, 1,596 were caught up to the end of April, the best spring catch since 1980. In fact the Tay had the highest spring catch of any river in Scotland in 2006, and indeed one of the highest spring catches of any Scottish river for a number of years.

However, over the season only 35% were released compared to a national average of 55%. In the spring 46% were released as opposed to a national average of 66%. In the Board's view this is not anything like enough.

Official reported rod catch of salmon (and grilse) caught in Scotland's four main rivers, 1990 - 2006. 2006 was the best Tay season for some years.

The overall catch trend on the Tay is remarkably similar to the Spey and the Dee, and the Tay has continued to perform well against other rivers.

The Tweed has bucked the general trend in recent years but this has conicided with the removal of the Northumbrian drift net fishery after 2002. It also has a six week longer season in the autumn than the Tay and eight weeks longer than the Dee or Spey.

Officially reported spring salmon (to end April) rod catches for Scotland's big four rivers, 1990 - 2006.

The general pattern of spring salmon catches in the Tay in recent years has also tended to mirror the other big rivers. In 2006 the Tay was the most productive.

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Anonymous said...

This looks tremendous.
A famous quote leaps out of 'Lies damned lies and statistics'.
I suspect 2007 manifested adisastrous spring run.

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