Saturday, December 1, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Humour.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Humour.
During the close season it is customary to practice your casting techniques.


Anonymous said...

Good Bob, how about this one.

I was boat fishing under the Queen's Bridge, Perth with my mate Dougie when a funeral cortege passed by in Tay Street.
Dougie stands up and takes his hat off and bows his head. When the procession had passed he sat down and continued fishing in silence.
Afer a while I said "that was very considerate, I didn't realise you were so sensitive and compassionate!".
To which he replied "well I thought it wis the right thing tae dae, I wis married tae her for 13 years.

A J. McBeth fan.

Robert White said...

Very good

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