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Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 31st October 2014.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 31st October 2014.

The river Tay in Perthshire Scotland has now closed for 2014 after a long hard season. The last 5 days saw reasonable catches in fairly unsettled conditions after another big spate. The season saw yet more evidence of a stronger spring run however the summer and autumn have been very disappointing with fewer grilse and a week salmon run which has been the case all over the north Atlantic. The weather has been a factor as well with a very dry autumn but recent rains have triggered off improvements making October the best month of this difficult season.

A last cast in the late autumn on the Tay.

The catches have been disappointing and tough to achieve but some heavy fish in the 30 pounds range have been caught which was a bonus. Most beats were reporting reasonable numbers of fish in residence but catching was proving difficult. The increase in river levels certainly helped and the experimental extension period boosted catch numbers for many beats with some fresh fish still running the river. Could the Tay be starting to see a change in the cycle with salmon running later and spring becoming the dominant period again? It has happened twice in the past and could be happening again. There is all ready much anticipation for spring 2015.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 31st October)
SALMON & GRILSE: Waulkmill 5, Lower Redgorton 6, Upper Redgorton 3, Fishponds 5, Benchil 4, Upper Scone 2, Stobhall 6, Taymount 4, Ballathie 3, Cargill 5, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 12, Kercock 14, Newtyle 6, Dunkeld House 2, Dalmarnock 2, Dalguise 3, Lower Aberuthven 1, Lochlane and Laggan 5.
Total: 88 Largest: Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 24lbs
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 2, Lower Redgorton 1, Upper Redgorton 1, Fishponds 1, Lower Aberuthven 3, Lochlane and Laggan 1.
Total: 9 Largest: Waulkmill & Lochlane and Laggan 4lbs

Lower Tay.
The autumn fishing has been hard on the lower river with limited fish running but the increase in water levels saw big improvements making October the most productive month for most beats. The extension certainly helped numbers with evidence of fresh salmon still entering the system. Lower Redgorton and Waulkmill had a few fish in the last few days after the river settled back from the big spate on Monday and Tuesday. Fishponds and Upper Redgorton saw the same results with odd fresh fish caught.

There was 16 pounds autumn fish landed in the Craigs on the fly on the last day on Fishponds. At Stanley the Upper Scone rods landed a couple from the boat in Pitlochrie pool and the Wash House.

Benchil saw 4 fish landed on Thursday including a couple of small fresh ones for Charles Savage and Simon Smedley on spinners. Terry Lynch also caught a small grilse on a vision. Stobhall and Taymount reported a few fish over the last few days with Stobhall having a good day on Wednesday with 5 as the river cleared. This area has proved the most consistent throughout the season along with Ballathie, Cargill and Islamouth.

Cargill finished their season off with fish caught by Ron Davisson and a first ever for David Harrington. Upper Islamouth and Meikleour finished well with October being their most productive month by far.

The Orson and Clarke parties enjoyed success landing fish up to 24 pounds including some fresh run ones.

The final day saw the Taylor party land a couple from the Boxwood Bush and the Tunnel Stream.

Middle Tay.
The catches further upstream have improved with the rise in the river levels over recent weeks. Kercock finished their season well with 14 fish including a day of 6 fish landed. October again has been by far their most productive month. Successful anglers included Darren Kaye landing an 18lbs fish, Paul Hainey catching a couple at 16 and 8lbs, Mark Thomson, Alistair Roger landing fish to 8lbs and Davy Bryce catching a couple at 9 and 8lbs.

Dougie McLean had a great last day landing a superb 22 pounds fresh fish as well as one at 20 pounds. Newtyle finished their season off with fish on most days.

Roger Worth landed a couple of fish including a fresh fish on the fly from the Cotter. Other successful rods were John Stamp and Farquhar Murray.

Dunkeld House finished quietly but 9 year old Angus Morton caught his first ever salmon weighing 5 pounds under the guidance of Simon Furniss.

George Nixon also caught a 7 pounds fish from the beat. Dalguise managed 3 in the week with Sam MacFarlane landing her first ever fish weighing 12 pounds on a flying c. Mark Mason also accounted for a couple during the week including a 6 pounds fish on the fly.

Fish were running the river with increased flows in October. Fish were reported in better numbers from Lower Aberuthven and Lochlane and Laggan.

Upper Tay.
This area has closed for the season.

This area has closed for the season.

Isla & Ericht.
This area has closed for the season.

Thank you to all anglers who have returned their salmon throughout the season to maintain our sport for the future, catches have dropped to new lows especially this year, it is vitally important and is a great contribution by individuals who care for their sport and the river. Well done!

An angler has a last cast of 2014 on the Tay as the sun fades on another season.

Thank you also for your contributions on news and pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay this past season and if you would like to contribute further please email me on to be included in the reports.

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