Monday, May 11, 2015

Salmon Fishing Scotland Update for Prospects for the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland week commencing 11th May 2015.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Update for Prospects for the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland week commencing 11th May 2015.

Weekend spate.
The Spring Salmon fishing season is now into May on the mighty Tay in Perthshire, Scotland and we have had a much colder but unsettled week with some good conditions for the pursuit of that magical spring salmon and some spring sunshine. The weather is to be more settled over the coming week with rain at the start, but hopefully this will not deter the chances of producing good sport and some early "Bars of Silver" if you are prepared to brave the elements. Catches last week despite some unsettled conditions have been consistently good and the quality of the salmon caught remains outstanding but as we go deeper into May hopefully conditions will remain favourable and there will be a further improvement in the run to give more success.
Currently the river is rising and dirty after heavy weekend rain (about 6’ and still rising on the Ballathie gauge) but will start to drop and clear as the day goes on. This hopefully may encourage more spring salmon to run.
The weather is to be far more settled over the end of next week after the current rain this weekend and further rain on Monday. It will remain colder this week that maybe the last bite of winter. Spring salmon are now running hard up the river and spreading rapidly. The milder weather forecast at times and recent big spate triggered off salmon to run the river in improving numbers. Expectation remains very high. The unsettled weather forecast may raise river levels but hopefully not to unsettle the current excellent conditions and make ideal spring fishing conditions. The water temperature has dropped with the colder weather to around 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 8 degrees Celsius but may rise again towards the end of the week. These are typical temperatures for this time of year. The colder weather has benefited the lower beats so far but that is changing rapidly as the fish are spreading so there might be a chance of a fresh fish anywhere in the river after milder conditions prevailed last week.

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