Friday, April 15, 2011

Salmon Fishing Scotland Beaver Threat.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Beaver Threat.

Beaver threat to our area and rivers.

This was a letter in the Courier written by Martin Stansfeld yesterday.
Eric McVicar is a highly respected ecologist concerned about all species, including humans.

His warnings in the past have been borne out. Here are just two examples.

Thirty years ago, Eric McVicar warned the government and the fishing industry not to allow trawling inshore.

They chose to ignore him. Within a decade, inshore fishing collapsed.

Ten years ago he warned about a freshwater parasite called Argulus being spread by the transfer of non-indigenous stock.

He was dismissed as a scaremonger.

Within five years, this parasite was wiping out commercial rainbow trout fisheries.

Everyone then came rushing for his advice.

His new concern is about those resisting controls on non-indigenous beavers — be these American or European. Either species is equally threatening.

Mammalists are seeking exemption first from bans on the importation of non-indigenous species and secondly from statutory dam legislation intended to let salmon reach their spawning grounds.

They want to "wild" their pets, regardless of anyone else's interest.

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Anonymous said...

What are mammalists?

I say give the beavers a try, after all they were part of the diversity hundreds of years ago when salmon were that plentiful that they were a staple food of the peasants.

The beaver disappeared because of man.

Far to much alarmist nonsense spoken/written about this type of subject nowadays.

Stumpy Boater

Anonymous said...

Yes come & ask for the mans help when the damage has been done.
They let the trawlers come in and around the west coast & look whats damage they done there & also look at the numbers of seals around our scottish coastlines there needs to be something done about that aswell but the old saying is the come & seek help when the damage has been done & will take years to repair.All the best & tight lines to all Ray frm edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

His name may be Ray from Edinburgh . . . but he for sure ain't nae Sun-Ray.

Doom and gloom.

Stumpy Boater

ps. The gnawers dinnae eat fish, they're vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at places like Canada and places like that, the ghilies there are bloody well pissed off at beavers and in their free time have to go out and clear the dams made by beavers.

Anonymous said...

beavers only make dams to make their environment suit their needs, atm in scotland the beavers are in the perfect habitat. Also they are very important to the health of their ecosystem.

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