Friday, November 27, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Cooking Salmon.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Cooking Salmon.

This is a recipe from the Great Salmon Recipes web site for your interest.

Grilling Salmon
There are various ways of Grilling Salmon - on the Barbecue, Under a Grill, on top of the cooker in a Grill Pan or on a Chargrill. Grilling salmon has the added advantage of being very quick and therefore keeping much of the flavour.

In all these cooking methods follow these simple guidelines and you won’t go wrong.

* Make sure that the cut of fish is suitable, some nice salmon steaks or cutlets, thick salmon fillets or a whole salmon is ideal.

* If you’re using a whole salmon, make 2 or 3 slashes in each side of the fish to speed up the cooking process and place the fish further away from the source of heat to prevent it burning too much before it’s properly cooked.

* Never salt the salmon before you cook it, all this does is draw out the very juices that you want to keep in but by all means use pepper, herbs, rubs and marinades to vary the flavour.

* Take your fish out of the fridge beforehand so that it has a chance to reach room temperature.

* Turn your grill on at least 5 - 10 minutes before you intend to cook the salmon, if you’ve decided to have a barbecue (in the UK this is always a risky option on account of the famously fickle weather) it will need to be lit at least ½ hour before you intend to cook to allow the flames to die down and the charcoal to become grey.

* Oil your fish - not the grill! - This is extremely important, if you oil the grill your fish will stick.

* Try not to move the salmon around too much once it’s been put on the grill or Barbecue, leave it until there are bar marks on it and then give it a quarter turn, that way you’ll end up with a professional looking lattice mark. Once one side is done, flip it over and repeat on the other side.

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Anonymous said...

You never got fish like that in Ferarri's.

Anonymous said...

now would that be wild salmon?Your not encouraged to kill any salmon these days or is it the dreaded farmed salmon the scourge of and demise of our wild salmon,farmed salmon should come with a government health warning! I think it is the new simulated salmon made from recycled waders as it is the only way to keep everybody happy!

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