Monday, November 16, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release Grilse.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release Grilse.

Wild Atlantic Salmon, including Grilse, Should be Released

Grilse, Atlantic salmon that return to their natal rivers after spending only one year at sea, are an important component of wild Atlantic salmon populations. In many southern river systems they are mostly male. However, in the north there are roughly equal numbers of male and female grilse. Grilse are smaller than salmon because they have spent less time feeding in the ocean.
Grilse Should Be Released because they:

* Add significantly to the spawning populations of many salmon rivers.
* Help maintain genetic diversity that salmon populations need to survive in highly variable environments.
* Return to the ocean after spawning, grow, and return to rivers as a larger fish. Research has shown that grilse can survive to spawn multiple times.
* Produce better fishing. Scientists have documented that anglers have caught and released the same grilse several times. Divert predators from larger salmon during migration
* Increase salmon numbers in the river, which may provide a comfortable social environment for the fish. With this company, the spawners may travel further upstream and explore more. This improves the quality of angling and allows grilse to make upper sections of rivers more productive.
* Synchronize their migrations with grilse and salmon from other rivers and travel together through the Strait of Belle Isle to their feeding grounds off Greenland.
* Research indicates salmon that have spawned, including grilse, may lead the naïve smolts to their ocean feeding grounds on their first migrations.

The Angling Experience

* 21st century anglers play a key role in maintaining runs and part of that is releasing grilse.
* Releasing salmon and grilse is a great personal contribution an angler can make to the well-being of the species.
* By releasing salmon and grilse now, anglers are setting the stage for better runs and ensuring the future of the sport.
* Releasing a salmon or grilse is incredibly rewarding; each release is unique, challenging anglers' expertise, while creating treasured memories.

The Oscillation of Grilse Numbers

* Grilse numbers fluctuate due to many factors, such as genetics, ocean temperatures, food abundance, predators, and unforeseen circumstances.
* We must work to build the populations when numbers are on the upswing, and be extremely careful when numbers are lower.
* Through live release anglers can do their part to build those populations.

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Anonymous said...

....does this end....and they all live happily ever after??

Anonymous said...

This must be a serious point of view from a member of the TDSFB!! God help us in restoring this river!! I have lost the will to live after reading that!

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