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Salmon Fishing Scotland The Malloch Trophy Relaunch.

Salmon Fishing Scotland The Malloch Trophy Relaunch.

Picture Copyright of Louis Flood.
The most prestigious and historic trophy in the Scottish angling world,
The Malloch Challenge Trophy is being reinstated after an absence of ten years.

From the opening of the 2009 salmon fishing season it will again be awarded annually to the angler catching the heaviest salmon of the season. The new criteria for the Trophy state that the fish must be caught on a fly and also that it must be released alive back into the water.

The magnificent solid silver model of a leaping salmon was recently acquired by the Tay Salmon Foundation, on behalf of the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board (TDSFB). The Malloch Trophy was first awarded in 1972 for a 43lb fish caught on the Tweed by Lady Burnett and last awarded in 1999 following a run of 28 consecutive years for a 33lb fish caught on the Spey by Mr J Montupet; during this time the winning fish was landed on a variety of rivers including the Dee, Spey, Tweed, Tay and Naver. 2 ladies apart from Lady Burnett have been winners of the trophy with fish from the Tweed (33lbs) and the Spey (35lbs).
The biggest Malloch Challenge trophy winner from the Tay was 36lbs.

The Tay Board under the Chairmanship of John Milligan has acquired what was for decades the most coveted and keenly contested award in Scotland and has brought the Malloch Trophy out of retirement

. The new criteria for the Trophy will be reflect the Tay Salmon’s promotion of Conservation in that only salmon that are safely returned to the water will be eligible. In the last year or so we have seen something of a resurgence in the numbers of very large salmon in Scottish rivers, so I have no doubt the Trophy will spawn more interest than ever.

Robert Rattray of CKD Galbraith is the new Secretary for the Malloch Trophy.
To be eligible, there must be an accurate weight or estimation of weight, appropriate measurements and the corroboration of an independent witness. Entries will be considered immediately after the end of the season by a committee, whose decision is final.

For further details and for the full criteria for eligibility for the Trophy see the TDSFB website (, from which entry forms may be downloaded.
Alternatively contact Dr David Summers of the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board on 01738 583733 or mobile no 07974 360787.

The Malloch Trophy is named after the Perth-based manufacturer and retailer of fishing tackle, Mallochs of Perth – one of the most legendary names in Scottish tackle history. Its founder was P D Malloch, one of the greatest authorities of his day on salmon.

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