Friday, May 6, 2011

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring Salmon Fly Fishing at Islamouth on the Tay.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring Salmon Fly Fishing at Islamouth on the Tay.

The Islamouth beat on the Tay has produced some superb sport for fly fishing this week in the low water.
This is Donald Rastrick with a fresh 12 pounds salmon caught fly fishing from the boat.

Fly fishing from the boat on Islamouth.

Scottish Ghillie Gary McErlain with a fresh salmon caught on the fly earlier in the week.

Another typical Tay salmon caught fly fishing by Perth angler Neil Tong.

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Anonymous said...

well done garry,good to see your winning your battle with anorexia,thank goodness for lycra!Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi all
Very Well done to all who has caught this week & well done to all the Tay ghillies Aswell who have helped the Anglers to catch a Tay springer.
Tight lines & All the Best for the rest of 2011 season Ray.

Anonymous said...

Nice fish Garry, busman's holiday?

Stumpy Boater

ps. Weight problems . . . . I feel partly responsible . . . . all the lager and tattie crisps you consumed at my house years back, SORRY.

Anonymous said...

The Spacehopper strikes again!!!!

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