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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 21st May 2011.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 21st May 2011.

River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 21st May 2011.
The third week of May on the Tay was far more heartening due settled conditions and a good run of salmon which gave us reasonable sport plus the bonus of the first signs of sea trout in the river. Hopefully the river will settle from the recent rain and give us good prospects for this coming week.

The river was settled for the entire week and the river temperature remained around 54 degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees Celsius.

97 spring salmon were reported last week and included some top quality 20 pounds salmon.

On the lower river 30 fresh spring salmon were caught. The river temperature is coming up now encouraging the salmon to run hard. The lower part of the Tay is certainly witnessing this with limited catches however above Stanley catches continue to improve however sea trout are now running which should encourage the lower river. Islamouth continued to have success catching 23 salmon for the week and also witnessing consistent runs through the beat but proving difficult to catch. This is a good sign for the middle and upper river. The sea trout have appeared this past week. Benchil just below Stanley recorded 10 for the week with several lost as well.
Hopefully the river will remain settled this coming week, which should make for excellent prospects.

The middle river reported 22. The current conditions are favouring the middle beats with a good run and good water levels. Newtyle had a good week with 9 salmon landed.
Beat regular, Allan Rennie had another red letter day on Monday landing 3 springers and losing 2. Allan landed a fish of 20 pounds on the fly, a 15 pounds salmon on a Toby and caught a 14 pounder harling plus lost 2 others on the fly. Not a bad days sport! Tom Westacott caught an 18 pounds salmon at Dalmarnock fly fishing on Thursday.
A 15 pounds beauty from Dunkeld House caught fly fishing.
Dunkeld House had a good week as well landing 7 all fly fishing.
More information from this area would be welcome to expand on this report in the future.

On the upper river 23 were reported, this was far more encouraging and shows the spring salmon are reaching the top of the system. Lower Kinnaird had success. At Dalguise Brian Joseph, Dalguise regular, caught a 21 pounds cock salmon on Tuesday afternoon, right at the Tail of The Bridge Pool. It was caught on a black/gold floating Devon. After a huge fight it was landed, weighed and then safely returned.
On the Tummel the Pitlochry Angling stretch continued to produce especially at the Dam landing 16 including 7 on Tuesday. On Monday Davie Stewart had an excellent day on Pitlochry Angling Club fishings. He caught fresh salmon fly fishing including fish of 14, 9, and 8 pounds at the Dam on Monday. One on Pitlochry bank in the morning and two others on Portnacraig. Visitor angler Gary Westhead also had a lovely fresh fish of 13 pounds on Pitlochry bank in the afternoon. Four fish were also hooked and lost. Tuesday was an excellent days fishing at the dam with 7 caught and a few lost. The totals were Steve Watt with 3 fish of 9, 9 and 10 pounds. George Renwick with 2 fish of 10 pounds. Gary Westhead with 2 fish of 8 and 12 pounds. Later in the week things eased off but salmon were caught on each day. Perth angler Alum Williams caught a 10 pounds salmon on Friday at Portnacraig.
There are now about 2000 through the Dam as of Sunday.

The Isla reported 22, which included 21 from Coupar Grange. Harry Boyle had a lovely fresh 12 pounds salmon from the Coupar Grange beat caught fly fishing. This was one of 3 salmon caught and returned on the beat on Monday.

Many thanks for all the pictures everyone sent me of spring salmon and all who have sent me their individual fishing experiences this and last season on the river.
I would be most grateful if you to do the same this season by emailing me at to be included in this report.

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