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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending12th February 2011.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending12th February 2011.

River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing Report for week ending12th February 2011.
The second week of February on the Tay was very disappointing but this was down to bad weather that we experienced with the river never settling. Saturday was wiped out again by dirty water on the lower river.

The river was never settled during the week, which resulted in little success for most of the beats however there were some memorable days for a few anglers. The river temperature remained at 36 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius which meant fishing methods of spinning and fly fishing were slow and deep.

14 spring salmon were reported last week with the best salmon of 16 pounds being landed on the middle river at Dunkeld House and Newtyle respectfully. There are still a number of other salmon in the river from a late run at the end of the year, which makes identification difficult at times. These salmon should be handled extremely carefully as with springers to ensure their survival and hopefully enabling them to spawn.

On the lower river 8 fresh spring salmon were caught. The best salmon of the week was a 14 pounds beauty from the Stobhall beat caught from the boat on a Kynoch by Peter Le Cheminant. Catholes had a couple during the week and Islamouth landed 2 on Friday. The river is settling back after the spate, which should make better prospects for the coming week.
Peter Le Cheminant, the fisherman with all the luck on the Tay this past week.

The middle river reported 6 spring salmon with Newtyle and Dunkeld House continuing to have success. Peter Le Cheminant, having landed a spring salmon on Monday at Stobhall then landed another 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday on the Newtyle beat which included a lovely 16 pounds springer. 3 spring salmon in 3 days is fairly rare at this time in the season. Not to be outdone Dunkeld House caught 2 on Thursday including a 16 pounds spring salmon also. There was one salmon reported from the Isla on Saturday at Islabank. Upper Meikleour landed an 8 pounds salmon on Saturday as well from the boat.

On the upper river did not report any this week but after the high water this will change no doubt.

Many thanks to all who have sent me their individual fishing experiences over the last season on the river. I would be most grateful if you to do the same this season by emailing me at to be included in this report.

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