Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Salmon Fishing Scotland Poem to Scottish Ghillie George Maitland.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Poem to Scottish Ghillie George Maitland.

Poem by Alistair Sheach to George Maitland on his retiral from the river Tay at Taymount.

Friends and Anglers, we've gathered round.
At the Tayside in Stanley toon
Tae wish oor Geordie congratulations
For 40 years of dedication
Tae his chosen task of lookin after us
Down on the river from dawn till after dusk.

A wonderful guy he's been our friend
Occasionally even a confident
Exchanging stories covering every occasion
Wi a dram or two taen in total moderation
And sometimes maer for purely medication.

His skill on the river is beyond question
But his use of a lawnmower has not to be mentioned
Or his collection of cars and countless machines
That's sat in the yard, how long has it been
And a fridge and a cooker and a thing with a hooter
When last turned a wheel some said was a scooter.

And a generator stands in his tumple doon garage
He bought at an auction before he was married
It was meant to go along into Brian Gordons
For a guid service, and a book 'o' instructions.
But more important things had taen up his time
Lookin after his worms 10 thousand and nine
The've all tae be counted and kept in good order
For his customers who come from south 'o' the border.
And makin soup for awe the fishers
On a cold winters day tae get rid 'o' the shivers
Wi giant filled rolls that burst at the seams
Filled wi awr kind 'o' stuff - ye ken what I mean.

And mabey now ye'll hae maer time
For fishin yoursel wi rod and wi line
And inbetween times we'll awe be expecting
You tae roll a few fags wi that bloody contraption.

So Geordie now yer work has ended
You'll be fondly remembered by the Taymount Tennants
You r dedication was without question
Your certainly a guy whose earned yer pension

So tae Gordie Mainland we raise a glass
And toast yer health long mae it last
I'm pleased tae call you a friend 'o' mine
I hope we'll fish together sometime.

Thanks Alistair.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great poem!

My first day ever fishing on the Tay was with Geordie and he made it such a memorable experience with just the right amount of wit, humour, hospitality and bucket loads of invaluable fishing knowledge. Never have I fished in rotten weather and still smiled all day - thanks to Geordie! I found him to be a gentleman and a scholar. After my experience of the Taymount star team, Geordie and Mark, I have come to love fishing on the Taymount beat and will continue to return for many years.

Wishing you a long, happy, healthy retirement, Geordie!

From Derek 'the wee chef from Dumbarton!' McKenzie

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