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Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Identification January 2011.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Identification January 2011.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Atlantic Salmon Identification.
These are all Atlantic Salmon which can be caught in the river at this time of year.
This is particularly important this season as we have a number of salmon after a strong late run in the river and identifying them can be difficult. It is very important to get it correct despite us returning them all unharmed.

Easy one to start. This is a spring run salmon which is what we are all after at this time of year.

This is a Kelt. Novices take note of the thin eel like look of the fish and the big head in proportion to the body. Once the season gets into late February and March the kelts turn very silver as they prepare to go to sea so identifying them against springers can be more difficult for the inexperienced.

This is a female unspawned salmon which is called a Baggot and can be very silver if not long in the river. The body still has a girth because it has still to spawn.

Lastly this is a male salmon still full of milt. The Kype tends to be well pronounced and you can catch these fish with sea lice at this time of year. This was termed a Kipper by the Ghillies or a Rawner. Possibly this has been a late runner as it is still quite silver and would widely accepted as a good fish in the Autumn.

Who said Salmon fishing is easy! Tight lines.

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