Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring Salmon caught Fly Fishing on the Tay.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring Salmon caught Fly Fishing on the Tay.

This was Freddie Braithwaite Exley with a lovely fresh Tay spring salmon caught from the Horsey pool of the Pitlochrie beat at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland fly fishing from the bank. The 10 pounds sea liced salmon took one of his own tied Golden Gunns and after a photograph the salmon was carefully returned to the river.

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Anonymous said...

Well done freddie.
You look like Rory mcIlroy; an ace at the river.

Anonymous said...

The water is good and the worry is- the river is in BIG DECLINE; as is the whole East coast river system; indicated by the stats.
The back-end could well be a disaster.

Robert White said...

Such a positive comment!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why is freddie wearing a 'see you jimmy' hat and wig - was it a fancy dress day?

Charlotte Gifford said...

Well done Freddie. What a lovely fish, did you manage to keep the fly?!

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