Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Reports and Prospects April 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Reports and Prospects April 2009.

Tay Reports

Weekly Report for week ending 25th April 2009.
Last week reported 59 spring salmon which was a reasonable catch for a week despite low water conditions. The river rose on Saturday by about 5 to 7 inches due to a hydro rise from Pitlochry. There were again salmon reported from all over the district which was very positive for this coming week. There were other fish caught and not reported. Best salmon of the week was a 28lbs salmon off the Portnacraig beat at Pitlochry caught by John Denholm on a spinner. Also 4 salmon were caught on single days by Lower Kinnaird, Dunkeld House and Islamouth beats during the past week.
The spring fishing has ended on the lower river below Stanley for this season and the summer permits start from Monday.
The river temperature rose to 52/53 degrees Fahrenheit or 11/12 degrees Celsius allowing salmon to run freely throughout the system and bring on the floating line fishing for fly fishers.

The river was settled for the week making conditions excellent for spring fishing despite being on the low side. This coming week conditions are more unsettled which should bring some fresh water and encourage catches assuming the run strengthens.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on

John Denholm returning his 28 pounds spring salmon from the Portnacraig beat at Pitlochry.

Prospects for the week commencing 27th April 2009.
As of Monday morning the prospects on the Tay look good however there is the prospect of some unsettled weather this coming week. This can only freshen the river and encourage salmon to run as the river is running quite low after last week.

The water temperature is about 52/53 degrees Fahrenheit or 11/12 degrees Celsius which should encourage the progress of salmon up the system. These conditions are certainly benefiting the middle and Upper River.
There is good availability throughout the river so why not have a go.

As to methods, the river is settled and at a good height, the most likely method of catching a Springer in the Tay this week will favour all methods with settled water. There will certainly be good conditions for fly fishing with a higher river temperature now encouraging floating lines. Spinning from boat and bank are also favoured. Harling remains a popular method on the Tay.

Finally all anglers are reminded that the Tay's policy for spring 2009 is that every angler should release the first salmon caught each day, and then no more than one Springer should be taken per day. Spring salmon are a precious resource. Please do what you can to ensure their numbers are allowed to conserve them and produce more spring salmon for the future.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on

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Anonymous said...

hey desprate you might have kept your bunnet on,cracking fish but

Anonymous said...

Let's hope none of these fish was kille, good to see them being put back.

steve said...

how much are you getting for a 1lb of that on the open market .. just wish i had never given you my ticket now lol . smg

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