Sunday, April 5, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Reports and Prospects April 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Reports and Prospects April 2009.

Tay Reports

Weekly Report for week ending 4th April 2009.
Last week reported the best catch for the spring season with 53 spring salmon reported. There were again salmon reported from all over the district which was very positive for this coming week. There were other fish caught and not reported giving the Tay the best catch of the season so far. It would appear that the spring run is improving at long last and with some good 3 winter salmon in the river as well. Best salmon of the week was a 24lbs salmon off the Catholes beat at Stanley caught by Jim Brown. This was followed by a 23lbs salmon at Upper Kinnaird and a 22lbs salmon at Pitlochry dam again.
The river temperature rose to 44 degrees Fahrenheit or 6 degrees Celsius allowing salmon to run freely throughout the system.

The river was settled for most of the week making conditions ideal for spring fishing. This coming week conditions remain similar which should not deter catches assuming the spring run strengthens as expected.

Jim Brown with a cracking 24 pounds fresh spring salmon caught on the Catholes at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland spinning from the bank with a devon.

Alley Gowans with a 21.5 pounds spring salmon caught fly fishing at Pitlochry on the river Tummel.

Prospects for the week commencing 6th April 2009.
As of Monday morning the prospects on the Tay look good with a settled river however there is the prospect of some heavy rain which could deter catches. The spring run has improved but we expect it to get better. Hopefully the rain will not spoil the week.

The water temperature is about 44 degrees Fahrenheit or 6 degrees Celsius which should not impede the progress of salmon up the system.
There is good availability throughout the river so why not have a go.

As to methods, the river is settled and at a good height, the most likely method of catching a Springer in the Tay this week will favour all methods with settled water. There will certainly be good conditions for fly fishing and spinning from boat and bank. Harling or on some beats spinning from the bank remains a favoured method on the Tay.

Finally all anglers are reminded that the Tay's policy for spring 2009 is that every angler should release the first salmon caught each day, and then no more than one Springer should be taken per day. Spring salmon are a precious resource. Please do what you can to ensure their numbers are allowed to conserve them and produce more spring salmon for the future.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent way to wind up Sir Gowans. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

By mis-spelling and weight reduction you are showing a clear lack of reverence for "GOD".

p.s. What is .6 of a pound, also when did we start measuring salmon weight like this?


Anonymous said...

Only GOD could come up with such a weight of a fish. Makes you wonder if he was using a set of digital scales or a tape measure!

Anonymous said...

maybe gods tape measure starts at two inches

Anonymous said...

Of course it also begs the question?? What TOOL was holding the tape measure!

Anonymous said...

The fish "God" is holding is but a poor example of Steve Watt's earlier capture from the same water.

The new way of weight measurement leaves a lot of dubiety over accuracy, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see so many comments with a religious bent at this Easter time.
It was not God who was the fisherman, it was Peter, but I think he used a net.
Alistair obviously thinks accurate size is important i.e. .6 of the pound -- he may well be small in some parts.


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