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Salmon Fishing Scotland Stanley beats, Tay, Perthshire Report and Prospects for W/C 5th October 2020.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Stanley beats, Tay, Perthshire Report and Prospects for W/C 5th October 2020.

It has been a busy end to September and early October with over 20 salmon caught on the Stanley beats. The weather has played a large part in determining the catches. Initially in September we were praying for water and a drop in temperatures. We witnessed a spate mid September but that did not really trigger off great sport but by the end of the month the river temperature dropped substantially after a couple of early frosts and although the water level dropped the older fish became more aggressive and catches improved dramatically. In the last week 15 fish were caught on very small flies on our 3 main beats of Benchil, Pitlochrie and Luncarty. 
Some video and still clips from the last month on our beats. 

This weekend has seen very heavy rain causing a massive spate which may just bring in some more fresh fish which have been sadly lacking over the autumn period so far. Once the river settles back during the coming week we hopefully will have a good few last days of this current season. 
Fresh water, cooler river temperatures, all you need to do is add fish!

September started off quietly with only odd fish caught. Tim Greenfield caught one in Luncarty on a floating Devon. 

As the month started to draw to an end the water temperature dropped and the fish became more aggressive. 

Alan Robertson and Charles Martin had a good day at Luncarty with 4 fish between them up to 8 pounds on Tobies. 

In the last week including a few days in October 15 were caught, all on the fly from Benchil and Luncarty in low water and all on very small flies. 

David Brand caught a 10 pounds fish from Luncarty on a Micro Tube then towards the end of that week 

Graham Reid caught 5 fish to 18 pounds from Benchil and Luncarty on a Geordie Fly. 

Alistair Boomer caught 2 fish up to 16 pounds from Luncarty on a Black Shrimp. 

Ann Emsens enjoyed more success with an 18 pounder from the Long Shot on Benchil and Jim McLanaghan caught an 8 pounds fish on the Pitlochrie beat at the top of the Woodside. 

All in all it was a great week with hopefully a last flurry to come in the last 10 days of the season.  


Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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