Thursday, March 18, 2010

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Springers on the Tay March 2010.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Springers on the Tay March 2010.

The milder conditions have enabled spring salmon to run up the Tay in the last few days. Newtyle have started to do well and here are a couple of good catches on the beat at Dunkeld, Perthshire.

A real spring beauty from the Newtyle beat at Dunkeld. Allan Rennie with a magnificent 17.5 pound spring salmon caught on the fly from the Plain Tree from the boat.

Neil Smilie with a superb spring salmon from the Cotter at Newtyle beat at Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland.

This was a lovely fresh 12 pound spring salmon caught in the Flats of the Stobhall beat yesterday on a Tay lure by Scottish ghillie Ernie Duff which was carefully returned.

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1 comment:

Martin Ritchie said...

Been a couple of good days at Newtyle, 17.5lber on wednesday was stunning, also lost 2 during the day.
Today in big water we managed another to 12lb and 8lb all liced.

Hope they keep on coming

Comon the tay

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