Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salmon Fishing Scotland Upper Scone Time Share Rods for Sale.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Upper Scone Time Share Rods for Sale.

Two rods of six are for sale in week 35 on this classic beat of the Tay.
The week is in mid September. In the last ten years’ catches for this week have been: 19, 30, 19, 16, 29, 21, 11, 11, 5 & 10, an average of 17, or 12 over the last five years.
The timeshare owns the bank opposite Stanley, comprising two beats, Pitlochrie and Benchil. It includes several famous pools such as the Corner Pool, Pitlochrie Pool, Cawnpore, Horsey, Aitken Head, Tod Holes, Long Shot & Little Shot. The beats are fished on alternate days by agreement with the owner of the Stanley bank. There are two excellent ghillies and two boats. One fishing hut is by Pitlochrie Pool; the other is at Benchil. There is car parking next to both huts. The rods are held in perpetuity and are subject to an annual charge, which covers the cost of ghillies wages, river board levy, maintenance of the bank together with boats and motors. Week 35 is one of the very best weeks on the Tay.
The rods are priced at £9,500 each or £18,000 for two.
Further information is available on demand.
a.d.portno@btinternet or phone 01332 5589825

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