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Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire Report for W/E 23rd January 2016.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire Report for W/E 23rd January 2016.

The river Tay opened on the 15th January undeterred by the very cold conditions, scores of anglers flocked to the banks of the river to mark the opening of the salmon season with great publicity in the press and on television. The various issues and activities appeared on Television, Radio and Press giving the river extremely high exposure that was invaluable. It has been a reasonably quiet start to the season probably due to the massive water throughout December and early January.

The first week has seen very cold conditions continue with settled water levels and good conditions for fishing up until Friday when milder weather and rain caused a spate. Expectation is high on the river for 2016 after successful springs in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and hopefully settled weather will continue over the weeks come and give everyone a chance of landing a spring “Bar of Silver”.

Odd Spring salmon were landed last week despite the cold weather and fortune favoured those who braved the elements in some cases.

The Redford Trophy was won by Gail O’Dea with a 14 pounds salmon caught in the Linn pool on Taymount. It is early yet with only small runs coming into the river and fluctuating weather is not making fishing easy. Once the river settled after all the big water Fish have appeared in reasonable numbers. There are a few kelts and some late run autumn fish from last year.

Last week four salmon were registered throughout the system. Earlier in the week fish were caught at Stobhall and Upper Scone them once the water settled down from a spate fish were landed at Dunkeld and Upper Kinnaird.
On Stobhall Iain Wilson of the Borders Gun Room landed a fish from the Linn pool which has seen a fair bit of early spring action over the last week being a superb high water spot.
Wednesday saw Arnot McWhinnie get Upper Scone off the mark with fresh run 10 pounds fish from the Benchil beat caught in Ship Linn. At the end of the week the water came up due to rain and milder weather making the lower river dirty but the middle river recovered although high on
Saturday for Dunkeld House to catch their first clean fish of the season a superb sea liced 14 pounds beauty landed by Neil Sneddon.
A further fish was also recorded at Upper Kinnaird on the same day caught by 6 year old William Beaton weighing 12 pounds.

The Spring Salmon fishing was well and truly underway after all the excitement of opening day’s celebrations. It has been a reasonable start so let us hope the season lives up to every ones expectations over the coming weeks and months. Tight lines!

Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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