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Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 29th March 2014.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon Fishing Report for week ending 29th March 2014.

Good catches continue as water levels ease further.
The river Tay in Perthshire Scotland continued to catch spring salmon last week as water levels eased at long last. Catches improved further as the river dropped steadily and we had the best week of the season so far. A strong run of spring salmon continued on the river as the water cleared and eased a bit and there was the sign of some more bigger multi sea winter fish with more mid twenty pounds salmon landed. There were again good catches from around Stanley but there were continued signs of fish spreading up river as catches improved in the middle and Upper River giving renewed optimism for the coming week. The catches were especially heartening after the prolonged bad weather but were also better than last year for the time so hopefully it is a sign of another great spring for the river if the weather relents.
This past week saw water levels ease most of the week due to better weather and improved conditions and over 110 spring salmon were registered from the river with others caught as well but not registered.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 29th March)
SALMON & GRILSE: Catholes Stanley 7, Upper Scone 1, Pitlochrie 5, Catholes Campsie 3, Stobhall 14, Taymount 19, Ballathie 3, Cargill 3, Islamouth 11, Upper Islamouth and Meikleour 6, Kercock 2, Murthly 1 1, Glendelvine 6, Murthly 2 3, Newtyle 2, Dunkeld House 4, Dalmarnock 5, Lower Kinnaird 1, Upper Kinnaird 2, Findynate 1, Keithick Mains 1, Coupar Grange 10, Portnacraig Pitlochry 3.
Total: 113 Largest: Murthly 2 25lbs

The lower river around Stanley again fished well all week. All these beats are registering a higher catch than last year, which is very encouraging for the river. Stobhall and Taymount continue to fish very well with good catches and some tremendous fish. Both beats are now fishing well as salmon run the river in slowly rising temperatures.

There was a tremendous catch for 11 year old Toby Philips on Taymount landing a monster 23 pounds spring salmon from the Flats on the top beat and his father catching a 16 pounds fish as well.

Pete Marshall also had a fantastic spring fish weighing 24 pounds. Taymount had 7 on one of their days with Sandra Robbins landing 3 for her day. At Stanley the Catholes and Pitlochrie beats had a consistent week with regular catches every day. Charlie Stone had a couple of enjoyable days landing 3 spring salmon up to 13 pounds on fly and spinner. Almondbank angler David Brand caught 2 fish for his day on Pitlochrie including a good fish on the Fly in the Wash House form the boat. Charles Savage also caught a couple in a day up to 11 pounds from the same beat and further successes came from the Catholes with Andrew Wright, Ian Kettles and

Clive Hurn landing good fish.

Steven Jardine caught a superb 18 pounds fish from the Little head in the boat on Saturday. Unfortunately the beats below Stanley are finding it hard going in the high water and some unwelcome visitors but as river levels ease this should change.

The catches further upstream have continued to improve this past week as conditions have eased and the water temperature has climbed up a bit. Over the weeks to come this will inevitably improve further as the salmon run freely up the river with water levels easing. Islamouth and Meikleour are seeing improving catches at last as conditions improve for them. Islamouth enjoyed better sport with Neil Tong, Mick Miller, Ian Mitchell and

John McElroy all catching good fish from bank and boat. Ballathie and Cargill are now doing much better as the water drops catching fish up to 21 pounds. Successful anglers on Cargill included Joe MacNab from Cumbria with a 21 pounds fish and Scott Donodan with 2 springers on Saturday. Fish are now running up the Isla with Coupar Grange catching on most days. The Murthly and Glendelvine beats are now catching consistently with some outstanding days and quality fish.

Stephen O’Neill caught a superb 25 pounds springer on Murthly 2 from the boat. Kercock caught a couple in the week with Tony Griffiths landing a 7 pounds fish.

Pitlochry Angling Club saw their first spring salmon from the Dam, a 14 pounds fish caught by Gordon Nichol on the fly from Portnacaig which was followed by a 12 pounder on Thursday for William Smith with his first ever salmon on a flying C then he landed his second shortly after at the same size, a truly memorable day for William. The Upper Tay produced a fish at Findynate. Upper Kinnaird caught again with Chris Neilson landing a 13 pounds fish from the boat. Dalmarnock had a better week landing a few with Andy Kerr landing 3 on Saturday up to 11 pounds. At Dunkeld House

Calum McRoberts caught an 11 pounds fish on Saturday with other successes on the beat from Gordon Pollock and Jim McDonald.

On Newtyle Ian Hendry was a successful rod landing a 15 pounds fish from the boat on a Tomic. This is just the tip of the Iceberg for these beats as conditions improve the catches will soar.

The Tay Ghillies Association has launched a FISH OF THE MONTH AWARD to encourage good catch and release practice on the Tay. Each month the winner will receive 2 personalised crystal Whisky glasses engraved with details of the catch and they will automatically be entered into the fish of the year competition for a Stylish Crystal Engraved Decanter.
• Catch a good Tay Salmon
• Weigh it carefully and photograph it with as little handling as possible.
• Verify with Ghillie
• Safely return the fish with a minimum of handling
• TGA Committee decision is final
Send entries with a photo and verification details to:-
Mike Hay, Sec of Tay Ghillies Assoc.
Mobile: 07762 464407

The Spring Salmon fishing has been excellent so far despite the big water levels with some notable catches, let us hope this is a taste of what is to come and the weather settles down further to maintain it all.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on to be included in the reports.

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