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Salmon Fishing Scotland Summer & Autumn Salmon Fishing available on Tay, Perthshire, Scotland 2013.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Summer & Autumn Salmon Fishing available on Tay, Perthshire, Scotland 2013.

There is still some salmon fishing availability on the Stanley beats of the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland.

Benchil and Pitlochrie.
Benchil and Pitlochrie are amongst the most attractive beats on the Tay are fished together on an alternative day basis throughout the season.

Benchil is situated just below the village of Stanley and is one of the most picturesque beats on the River Tay. It is about six miles above the tidal reaches and offers many different types of pools to fish especially for fly. This beat can fish well in low water conditions during the summer and early autumn for grilse and larger summer salmon.

Benchil offers an excellent opportunity for fly fishing in lower water especially in the attractive pools of the Long Shot, Little Shot and Lundie. more pictures of the beat. The beat fishes six rods, has two boats and a fishing hut looking down the long shot. It has 10 named pools, including Skellies, Aitken Head, Plain Water, Ship Linn, Long Shot, Tail of Shot, Ewelundie, White Craigs, Little Shot and Todholes.

Pitlochrie is situated in the village of Stanley up and down from the former Stanley Mills. This beat is very versatile in that it fishes well at different heights of water. There are good low water pools such as the Corner Pool, the Dyke and the Woodside and Horsey fishes well in higher water once the autumn rain arrives.

The beat has nine named pools including the world famous Pitlochrie Pool and others including, Dyke side, Kirkie Stream, The Wash House, Cawnpore, Minister, Woodside, Horsey and the Tar Tank. More pictures of the beat.
This beat offers good bank fishing in all heights of water for fly fishing and spinning. It is also excellent for harling from the two boats provided. It fishes six rods and has a hut situated overlooking the Washhouse.

Currently there is still some rods left in August which could be excellent when the weather cools and 2 prime weeks in September and early October. Current availability.

Luncarty and Catholes.
These beats can be fished together on an alternative day basis throughout the autumn season.

Luncarty is approximately half-a-mile in length with five named; Shochie, Big Stone, Eddys, Cadgers and the Willow. The mouth of the Shochie and Ordie burns come in at the top of the beat making an attractive stopping off point for passing salmon and sea trout and can be extremely productive in the autumn.

The beat is fished on alternate days and in 2013 is fished on both banks on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The beat fishes four rods and has one boat and a fishing hut at the river. The beat makes for good fly and spin fishing from both bank and boat. In September and October 2011 sizeable salmon in the high teens and up to 25lbs were caught from both bank and boat.

Weekly bookings are available with alternative day fishing on Catholes. Current availability.

In 2013, Catholes is fished on both banks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The beat offers good spinning and fly fishing from bank in mostly small easily covered pools. Although known as an excellent Spring beat it can offer good Summer and Autumn sport as well from bank and boat.

Catholes fishes four rods per day and has an excellent hut at the bottom of the beat. The beat has 13 named pools including The Slap, The Pot, Gean Tree, Little Cast, Catholes Stream, Black Stones, Back Dam, Lucknow, Eric's, Geoff's, Freddie's Woodside and the Little Head.
The beat is situated about six miles from the top reaches of tidal water. More pictures.
Weekly bookings are available with alternative day fishing on Luncarty and daily rods are available. Autumn syndicate permits are available at a cost of £500 plus vat for 12 days fishing by arrangement on the beat. Current availability.

Catholes can also be fished on both banks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but unghillied at £50 per day inclusive of vat.
Autumn permits are also available at a cost of £300 for 10 days fishing by arrangement which will be unghillied.
Current availability.

Should further information be required please contact Robert White
Office : 01738 827416
Mobile : 07979 528134
Email : robert.salmonfishing@googlemail.com

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