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Salmon Fishing Scotland river Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Report for week ending 18th May 2013.

Salmon Fishing Scotland river Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Report for week ending 18th May 2013.

The conditions last week were good on the Tay in Perthshire, Scotland with much milder weather and a falling steady river, superb catches were maintained during the week with also emergence of some much bigger multi sea winter salmon filling everyone with even more optimism for the coming weeks. The weather is now much milder and there is a good forecast for this week that hopefully will continue to give us great prospects and will maintain early spring sport on this marvelous river and spread it throughout the whole river.

The Spring Salmon fishing is never easy but when settled conditions prevail the sport can be magical as has proved this season so far with some outstanding catches and numerous spring salmon registered in the Tay system above expectation, it will certainly be one to remember in years to come. This past week sport was again superb with good catches and 2 Leviathans! The catches have been heartening mainly due to the cold weather originally in the early part of the season but there is certainly evidence now that there has been a far better run. Could this be down to most anglers’ efforts to return spring salmon over the past few seasons? Thank you to all anglers who have this season so far returned their spring salmon to maintain our sport for the future, it is vitally important and is a great contribution by individuals who care for their sport and the river. Well done!

Spring salmon were caught all week up to an impressive 36 pounds in weight and throughout the river as temperatures rise, which was tremendous news. The catches for the season so far have increased by 73% up to the end of April and now May is looking as productive. It is simply amazing news for the river. The Tay is currently fishing very well and is certainly a good destination to catch your first spring salmon of the season, you will maybe catch a fish of your dreams after the emergence of these monster salmon. The river offers a variety of possibilities for all standards of anglers with ghillies only too keen to teach the novices and this mighty river can produce a memorable salmon for the keen fly fisher. Levels and temperatures have now risen hopefully to encourage more salmon to run the river and spread out. Pools can be easily covered from bank and boat with modern technology. Why not have a go and sample this magical river. The fishing is supreme and the scenery is not bad either.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 18th May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Lower Redgorton 2, Fishponds 1, Benchil and Pitlochrie 1, Catholes 1, Burnmouth 1, Stobhall 1, Taymount 9, Ballathie 3, Islamouth 9, Lower and Upper Islamouth 10, Upper Islamouth and Meikleour House 3, Meikleour House 5, Kercock 3, Murthly 1 19, Glendelvine 13, Murthly 2 31, Newtyle 14, Dunkeld House 8, Dalmarnock 4, Dalguise 4, Lower Kinnaird 5, Upper Kinnaird 7, Findynate 5, Farleyer Upper 1, Coupar Grange 34, Portnacraig Pitlochry 22, Loch Faskally 6.
Total: 222 Largest: Murthly 2 36lbs

Spring salmon have been caught throughout the system this past week encouraging everyone and there is a continuing emergence of some larger multi sea winter spring salmon up to around 30 pounds, which is superb news. Sea trout and odd Grilse are also starting to appear. The Upper reaches are now encountering more fresh salmon as warmer conditions appear. The Upper river registered 13 spring salmon from Upper Kinnaird, Farleyer and Findynate. Upper Kinnaird caught on a regular basis including a superb 27 pounds beauty landed by ghillie Jock Menteith on the fly. Jock has been seeing a good lot of fish in the pools as the river has warmed up and salmon have run into the upper areas. Derek Blair also landed a 12 pounds fish from the beat. Further news from the upper beats would be welcome for the report.

The Tummel system registered 28 spring salmon. Currently the Tummel is fishing very well with superb conditions and a build up of fish at the Dam. All the salmon came from the Pitlochry Angling stretch at the Dam and Loch Faskally but other spring salmon were caught on the Tummel system in good numbers but not registered. Loch Faskally is starting to produce as salmon slip through the dam at Pitlochry. The Angling club stretch at Portnacraig continues to fish very well with another very productive week. Perth angler Steve Watt was again successful landing several salmon up to 13 pounds.

Calum McRoberts also did well on the club beats landing 3 salmon on Tuesday morning prior going to run the fishing department at the House of Bruar, he also had a fish from the sawmill stream on Monday. Other successful anglers included John Dent, Gordon Nicol, Michael Low, Davy Stewart, Richard Bond, Ally Gowans and Graeme Stewart landing fish up to 16 pounds. On Saturday father and son duo Thomas’s landed fish up to an impressive 20 pounds on fly and spinner. West Haugh, East Haugh and the Lower Tummel have also been catching and not reporting.

On the Middle river 109 spring salmon were caught this past week, which was a superb week as temperatures came up and salmon ran after the big water.

On Lower Kinnaird salmon were caught up to 20 pounds. On Dalguise Paul Woodings caught fly fishing and Kenny Tragham landed an 11 pounds fish on a Toby.

Beat owner Donald Skene also caught a superb 12 pounds fish fishing a devon in the Otterstone pool. On Dalmarnock several salmon were caught up to 23 pounds during the week. Dunkeld had a successful week with salmon landed up to 18 pounds. Bill and Sandra Robbins enjoyed good success with fish up to 12 pounds on fly while Mr Vanerpp, Alan Lumsden and Paddy Hogg caught fish to 18 pounds. Newtyle also had a good week landing several salmon to 11 pounds. Successful anglers included Chris Provan, Jon Wood, Steven MacAloney, John Chaney, Ian Shaw, Jimmy Black and regular Allan Rennie. Calum McRoberts also managed to catch as well on the fly on a busman’s holiday from Pitlochry! The Murthly and Glendelvine beats are on fire! They have had a simply unbelievable week landing over 60 spring salmon including a 36 pounds monster from Murthly 2. Tony Blacks Murthly 2 beat had 31 fish for the week and John Broughton caught the superb 36 pounds leviathan from the boat to cap things. That takes Tony’s beat to over 100 spring salmon for the season. On Kercock 3 fish were caught for the week. Bill Mcinnes caught a 12 pounder and Scott Porteous landed a 10 pounds beauty at the Croy's.

The Lower River had good catches as the tremendous run continued through the beats with 38 spring salmon for the week. Hopefully the catches will be maintained in the coming weeks as most of the boats are off the river below Stanley for the summer but reasonably priced bank fishing is still available. Islamouth was fairly productive throughout the week.

Dennis Wrighte-Pratte and Paul Ness enjoyed a recent 3 day trip to the beat landing several salmon on the fly.

Hugo Barling also did well off the beat with a cracking 18 pounds fish from the Longhead. The bigger water was not helping Ballathie and Cargill but that should change with better weather and lower conditions. Taymount had a good week finishing with 9 fish.

Salmon have also been caught further down stream with Ian Kettles catching a lovely 15 pounds salmon from the Catholes and Ed Slaven landing an 11 pounds fish from Benchil on Saturday.

Fishponds had a casing clinic with Scott McKenzie at the end of the week and Scott showed his expertise landing a lovely fresh salmon on the fly. You can’t keep a good man down, well done Scott!

The Isla registered 35 salmon all from Coupar Grange. Monday saw Jim Mckay land 3 for his rod. Wednesday saw a 19 pounds fish landed on the high bank. Thursday was a red letter day with 11 fish landed, Paul Harkin and his Father managed to land 4 for their day,

Harry Boyle had 2 for his rod the second one was a 16 pounder on the fly out of the Lonly pool. Friday saw a corporate day with people that don't do a lot of fishing but they managed to land 5 for the day which was superb. David Hepworth had 2 on Saturday on the fly from Jackie’s Bush.
It was certainly another superb spring week to remember with some great stories, at last some warmer weather and springers caught with good conditions but now as we entering May with warmer weather and good river levels the spring catches will hopefully be maintained over the coming weeks assuming the run continues and spread throughout the entire system. Please maintain the Catch and Release code for the river to protect our sport for the future.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on to be included in the reports.

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