Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Salmon Fishing Scotland Large Spring Salmon on the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland April 2013.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Large Spring Salmon on the Tay, Perthshire, Scotland April 2013.

The Tay in Perthshire, Scotland has been having an excellent spring with increases in catches especially in the lower reaches but there has been something missing. That was until yesterday, the emergence of large multi sea winter salmon has been slow but a 35 pounds beauty from Dalguise has changed that. This account has come courtesy of Dalguise Fishings.

Regular Dalguise angler Angus Carruthers from Largs on his first fishing trip of season hooked and successfully landed a magnificent 35 pounds Cock Spring Salmon. This monster was caught on a 2.5 inch Yellow Belly Devon hooked in the Tail of Bridge pool.

It was an epic battle, starting with a huge run right across the pool followed by a leap, at which point Gus realised he was into a belter! The fish fought up and down the pool then decided to run upstream to the bridge, emptying Gus’s multiplier of line and snagging itself around a rock. We managed to free the fish but the line had been almost shredded to destruction!

Several expert attempts to net the fish followed before he was duly landed, measured and photographed and released back into the river. The fish was beautifully conditioned and measured 48 inches and a girth to match.

The fish being released.

Gus’s previous Personal Best was 32lb, and to date his fish is the largest recorded Salmon (Fishpal) so far this year in the whole of the UK. Gus commented, this is “what Tay Spring Salmon fishing is all about”. I know that historically the third week in March is normally when the big Tay Springers make an appearance and I’m glad this one showed up on my doorstep.

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