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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the last week in July 2010 and Prospects for the coming week.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the last week in July 2010 and Prospects for the coming week.

Salmon fishing report for the Tay for the last week of July 2010.
After 88 salmon being reported last week, this week was much more encouraging with 211 salmon and 11 Sea Trout which is the best week of the season to date. A good few other salmon and sea trout were caught as well this week but not registered.

The river was settled and steadily dropped back throughout the week making good conditions for all.

This week the lower river, despite the salmon running hard up the river dominated the catches. There were far more grilse caught as well, which was encouraging. The grilse run should improve, as we get into August. It is absolutely imperative we continue to adhere to our catch and release policy to return as many salmon as possible to preserve what we have for the future. Thank you all for making this possible so far.

The lower river produced 126 out of the 211 salmon caught. All the lower beats caught as the salmon ran up the river but would have done much better with lower river levels. The Salmon seem to be continuing to run hard through the lower stretches with few showing. These fish must be running to the upper areas, as the fish start to slow down and even stop they will start to show more and more. The lower river needs settled conditions now to improve catches for future weeks and this should be the case for this coming week.

Steven Watt with a fresh grilse from Almonmouth.
Almondmouth dominated the catches with 44 for the week caught on fly and spinner. The salmon are coming in on the tides to Almondmouth and stopping momentarily before taking on the rest of the river. The beats above are catching as well but not to the same extent, as the river drops and the salmon slow down this will improve. Islamouth continues to produce good catches as salmon pause in that area before entering the Isla or taking on the rest of the river.

Tom Jennings play a lively salmon fly fishing from the boat at Benchil.

Ian Bennett lands a grilse fly fishing at Benchil assisted by his son John.

The middle Tay caught 33 salmon for the week but this is missing catches from the Murthly area, which would add another 20 or so. Kercock had a good week with 11 capped off with a 25 pounds salmon on Monday. The rise in water levels has certainly helped the middle river and this will continue next week as the fish run further afield.

The Isla caught 31 for the week all reported from Coupar Grange, which included 10 on Wednesday.

The Upper River and Loch reported 21, which is an improvement on previous weeks but there is room for improvement with the increase in river levels allowing salmon and grilse to run upstream. The Pitlochry Angling stretch at Portnacraig continued to have success throughout the week. Donnie Whiteford caught the clubs 100th salmon of the season. There are now over 3000 salmon through the Pitlochry fish ladder which is on a par with the 5 year average.

Many thanks for all the pictures and information everyone sent me in the past (ghillies and anglers) and also to all who have sent me their individual fishing experiences. I would be most grateful if you continue to send me information by emailing me at to be included in this report.

Prospects for the coming week.

As of Monday the river will be settled, a run of summer salmon and grilse is in progress and the fresh water plus settled weather this coming week should make this continue and encourage them to run up river.

The water temperature remains at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius. There is good availability throughout the river so why not have a go.

As to methods, spinning and fly fishing from the bank should enable you to catch the elusive Tay summer salmon and grilse. I would suggest using sink tips on the Tay for fly fishing, as it is a fast flowing river and this would stop the fly skating on the surface. When spinning at this time of year a Toby or Flying C spun quickly can do the trick. Cast slightly upstream then wind like mad. Harling is also a favoured method at this time of year if there is enough water.

Finally you are reminded that the Tay's policy for June - October 2010 is that all hen salmon, male salmon over 10 pounds and all sea trout should be released, ie the Tay has adopted a policy of 100% catch and release for hen salmon and sea trout. Salmon are a scarce and precious resource. Please help preserve both them and the long
term future of your sport by following the recommendations.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on to be included in this report.

Tight lines.

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