Thursday, December 24, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Winter Scenes on the river Tay at Christmas 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Winter Scenes on the river Tay at Christmas 2009.

Some picture card or Christmas card images of the river Tay in Perthshire, Scotland this December.

Looking south from Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland on the lower Tay at last light on a very cold December day.

This is the view looking down stream from the Caputh bridge as the light starts to fade.

This is further downstream at Caputh on the lower Murthly or Glendelvine stretch of the river Tay. This is looking upstream and this was the part of the river Tay where Georgina Ballantine caught her 64 pounds salmon.

The view above the Dunkeld bridge looking up into the Dunkeld House beat.

The bridge crossing the river Tay at Dunkeld on the middle Tay in Perthshire, Scotland. This is where the Tay River Board will hold its Salmon Season opening on the 15th Of January 2010. All are welcome and any proceeds raised will be put back into the river to improve salmon runs in the future in the way of river projects.

The river Tay flowing down from Dunkeld on a very cold December day.

A mist rising off the river Tay this morning at Stanley after a very cold night. Temperatures were at least -10 degrees Celsius. The mist is formed by the air temperature being lower than the water temperature.

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Anonymous said...

Magic photos merry christmass alan in oz

Robert White said...

Merry Christmas Alan. If you had been here this year you would have been run off your feet gritting the roads!!!!!!!!! Have a good one and all the best from Scotland

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