Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Autumn Salmon Fishing on Tweed.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Autumn Salmon Fishing on Tweed.

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited down to the river Tweed in the Scottish Borders.

This was the main pool on the Tweedhill beat not far from Berwick at the bottom end of the Tweed being fished by my host Mike Sanders. There had been a lot of salmon in this pool but a 4 inch rise in the river level had taken most of them away further upstream. It is very unusual for the river to be so low at this time of year and for so many salmon still to be in the lower Tweed.

This was further up the Tweedhill beat.

Later in the afternoon I went further upstream to the Tweedmill beat to see Andy Murray who ghillies there. This is the famous Cauld. The Tweedmill beat is opposite Tillmouth. They had caught 19 salmon during the day.

This is the famous Border Maid pool which is shared with Tillmouth. Andy and I had a cast for the last hour but nothing was obliging, just a few pulls hence the bad light in the picture.

"My best fish so far!" A 21lb sea-liced cock salmon caught by Jeff Slater of Duncan House, Kelso on 18th August on the Tweedmill lower Tweed beat.

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