Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Conservation urgently required.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Conservation urgently required.

This was the article in the local newspaper on Saturday and i urge all anglers on the Tay system to return all the salmon you catch during the month of May.

Salmon stock in serious decline

By Dave Lord of the Courier.

ANGLERS IN Tayside are being urged to throw back every salmon they catch, in a desperate bid to conserve dwindling stocks.

The spring season has been described as “one of the worst on record” by the director of Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board.

David Summers spoke out to back calls from the wider Association of Salmon Fisheries Board (ASFB), admitting it was a “very difficult” time.

The ASFB yesterday said it had been a “notably weak” year for spring salmon and urged anglers to show “maximum restraint.”

ASFB chairman Hugh Campbell Adamson also called on netsmen to delay the start of their operations.

“The scarcity of spring salmon so far this season is a cause for serious concern and the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards has a responsibility to act swiftly on a precautionary basis,” he said.

“The great majority of our rivers already have robust spring conservation policies, with 70% or more of salmon being released back into the water by anglers each year.

“There is now a strong case for 100% catch and release, to cover the remainder of the spring run.

“We would urge boards and anglers on all rivers to ensure maximum restraint over the next two months—and for sea trout over the remainder of this season—so that as many of our valuable spring salmon have the opportunity to spawn later in the year.

“Furthermore, we have written to the Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland requesting that they reciprocate, adopting a similar policy of restraint by urging members not to start fishing until the end of June, so that the remainder of the spring run can reach their natal rivers with minimal exploitation.”

Anglers in Tayside are being urged to play their part.

“We share the concerns of the ASFB,” said Mr Summers.

“Our policy had been to ask anglers to throw back their first catch of the day, up until the end of May.

“However, we are now recommending that they should release all the salmon they catch.”

Mr Summers said the situation would be reviewed at the end of this month but revealed the signs are far from promising.

“This is looking like one of the worst spring salmon runs in the last 50 years—there is no doubt about that,” he added.

Andrew Wallace, the managing director of ASFB, agreed.

“After several years of modest improvements in spring runs and catches, due in no small part to restraint shown by anglers and netsmen, it is most disappointing that this year’s run appears to have been so poor,” he said.

“There can be little doubt that marine survival of this year’s spring salmon has been particularly poor.

“In addition to spring salmon, sea trout numbers are also in significant decline and any exploitation by both anglers and netsmen should be minimised.”

Mr Wallace added that he hoped it was merely a “temporary setback” but warned further conservation measured may be required in the future.

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Clausewitz said...

Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

Anonymous said...

People scoffed at my suggestion last year for a total ban on salmon fishing of any kind for a couple of years, to perhaps help stocks recover. Now would be the ideal time methinks.
Instead of asking for angler restraint NOW is the time for some mandatory legislation.

Stumpy Boater.

Anonymous said...

1. I do not like the reference (by those who should know better) to 'throwing back fish' - !!
2. If its that bad you must question any fishing activity at all - surely a complete ban until June. Then only fishing below (say)Kinnaird until the end of August.
3. Close the Isla and Tummel systems for 5 year period - this being a good period for lie cycle of the prey.

The inevitably gyrodactylus infestation might even be a blessing - it will take something of that scale to get the authorities to get their collective acts togather.

Fat Boy Slimmer

Anonymous said...

Are the authorities going to wait till its too late before making changes?
1.close the upper river after mid july
2.introduce hatcheries
3.a cull on seals, and all other predators because there numbers are too many
4.100% catch and release

Anonymous said...

Dr summers jacket must be on a shoogily nail.

Anonymous said...

Ah Doctor Summers. Our fisheries manager on the River Tay! This individual seems as elusive as our precious springers! No where to be seen on the river bank! Makes me wonder if he is allergic to sunlight!

Anonymous said...

Dr David Summers is undoubtedly more interested in the river and survival of the Atlantic salmon than the moron he replaced i.e. Garrod Gibb.


Anonymous said...

I hardly think its Dr Summers fault the spring run has been declining for many a long year.

Not-proven in his/her post brought back the spectre of Garrod Gibb and his Dad's Army approach to river management i.e. if its got a fishing rod, its a poacher -- GENIUS.

More power to Dr Summers and his team, the best thing to happen on the Tay system for 50 years.

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