Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland May Salmon Fishing in Scotland 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland May Salmon Fishing in Scotland 2009.

This is an account from my friend Neil Tong from Perth who had a memorable nights salmon fishing on the South Esk in Angus, Scotland. I hope you enjoy it.

This is my first season in the Careston syndicate on the South Esk. I have a Friday rod and had been watching water heights to plan my
first visit. Following rain earlier in the week I decided that time had
Having left work just before 5pm I arrived at the beat just before
6pm, I met Joe another rod tackling up for the evening. This being our
first meeting we had the usual slightly probing conversation regarding
experiences, places fished, common acquaintances and of course
prospects and tactics for the evening. Joe seemed a good lad, he was up
for sea-trout, I was keener on looking for a springer and tackled up
accordingly - or so I thought? My Sharpes Aquarex 12ft 7-8wt would be
great to cover the water and if I was lucky enough to contact a
springer- well that should be fun!
Joe chose to go up to the slightly industrially named Concrete Pool
(bit of a shame for such a lovely place and pool), so it was down to
the Common Pool for me.
Floating line, fast sink 10ft polyleader and size 11 salar double
dressed as a Pearly Shrimp looked the business- at least to me. The water was lovely, strong sun, nearly straight down the pool but
trees, depth and perfect water so I wasn’t too bothered. Top 1/3rd
nothing happening but line going out a treat and coming round lovely,
next 1/3rd broadening out a touch, slightly longer line, bit slower,
more depth and more shade, this is more like it! Wonder if anyone’s at
home? 4 or 5 casts later “Yee Haa- here we go!” A lovely take: mid- swing, big boil and solid contact. After a good struggle, far bank, mid
stream, up and down I got a good look, “oh dear” or words to those
effects, how will I land that- no net, Joe a mile or so away and no
nicely shelving sand or grass! Mmmn- I’d rather be in my predicament
than the fishes though- so game on.
I had my hand round his wrist twice but off he shot, too strong. We
danced our way to the bottom of the pool, me trying to drag his nose
into bankside rushes, him not liking it, shooting out to mid-stream and
turning sideways to pull downstream. So.. point of no return, can’t
follow any further and current picking up- lose him as he continues
downstream or haul like hell, get him into slacker bankside water, walk
him up a bit, get him close, haul like hell - again and go for it. Well
that just about describes it, I got one hand on his wrist and held on
tight, then chucked the rod up the bank, wallowed about a bit, lifted
fish half up bank with both hands (one round wrist, one under body), a
couple of thrashes from him, “You’re going ******** nowhere” from me
and he was on the bank.

I scrambled up, got fly out, carefully carried him up to my bag, got a
couple of (poor) pic’s and got him back in. He was a male, been in a
while but no rawner or other dodgy title, a beauty, over 3ft long and
over 18lb (got an 18lber a 2 weeks before on Tummel), he took a while
to get going but looked like a big submarine going off to find a quiet
place to sulk, in this tiny little river. I hope he makes it to
spawning. I was exhilarated and quickly text several fishing pals
with pic’s etc.

Fantastic and on a wee winkle picker of a rod- appropriate tackle?-
perhaps not.

To finish off a fantastic evening I went down for a throw in
Kinglassie Pool….. And it happened again! This time a 7lb licer, much
more in line with norm, the fight?- well very good, but pretty easy.
Appropriate tackle? Definitely!

No way will my fish be the biggest of May but:
12ft 7-8 weight (Sharpes!) rod, over 18lb and landed on my own after
great fight, floating line and wee (self tied) fly.
On the South Esk - not a well known springer or salmon river, it’s a
tiny river.
On my first visit and the first pool I fished

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Anonymous said...

You sure its a male youve smudged its lipstick

Anonymous said...

Great tale, painted picture with words, well done.

Stumpy Boater

Anonymous said...

Aye well done Neil.

I was absolutely delighted when you told me of what had happened especially seen as i was standing in the said spot when you came up from Balglassie !!!

It was a pleasure to meet you and i'm sure we will have many a tale to tell over the season.

See you next Friday.

Cheers & ATB


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