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Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay Opening Day 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay Opening Day 2009.

Arnot McWhinnie with a spring salmon from the Benchil beat of the lower Tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland.

This is an article written by ARNOT MCWHINNIE for the Tay opening day.

Anglers who catch a monster salmon this year could also land one of Scotland’s most iconic angling trophies.

But no matter how big the fish is, if it is killed it won’t qualify

The magnificent Malloch Challenge Trophy which has been reinstated to coincide with tomorrow’s (Thurs) opening of the Tay fishing season will only be awarded to an angler who returns his catch alive.

To have a chance of winning the Trophy he must have the fish verified by an independent witness and have it accurately weighed or its vital statistics measured so that it weight can be accurately calculated.

The Trophy which is only awarded for the biggest fly caught salmon from a Scottish river was first won in 1972 by a 43lb Tweed fish caught by Lady Burnett.

It was last awarded in 1999 following a run of 28 consecutive years for a 33lb fish caught on the Spey by French angler Mr Jacques Montupet.

In between huge salmon were landed from a variety of rivers including the Dee, Spey, Tweed, Tay and Naver.

The biggest Malloch Challenge Trophy winner from the Tay where it originated was 36lbs.

The Trophy was withdrawn for conservation reasons because it was felt it encouraged the killing of big fish.

But since more and more rivers now operate strict catch and release rules a decision was taken to reinstate it.

The magnificent solid silver model of a leaping salmon was acquired by the Tay Salmon Foundation on behalf of the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board (TDSFB).

The Tay Board chairman John Milligan said: “The new criteria for the Trophy will be reflect the Tay Salmon’s promotion of conservation in that only salmon that are safely returned to the water will be eligible.

“In the last year or so we have seen something of resurgence in the numbers of very large salmon in Scottish rivers, so I have no doubt the Trophy will spawn more interest than ever.”

Entries will be first of all scrutinised and then considered at the end of the Scottish angling season by a special committee whose decision will be final.

The Malloch Trophy is named after P. D. Malloch who was not only one of the most legendary names in Scottish tackle history but also one of the greatest authorities of his day on salmon.

Tay opening day Salmon from 1985. Pictured with Salmon from the Benchil beat below Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland are Brian McLean, Bill Quarrie and Myself.

In the meantime anglers out on the Tay tomorrow (Thurs) will also be hoping to land the Redford trophy which has been awarded for more than two decades to the angler who catches the heaviest salmon from the river on Opening Day.

Again anglers are being urged not to kill a potential winner but to have it weighed or measured before being safely returned.

In the meantime it has been announced that the winner of the Ballathie Award for Conservation on the Tay has been awarded to the river’s Ghillies Association for all their efforts to back catch and release and raising cash for conservation projects.

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