Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Margaret The Stanley Lollipop Lady.

This is a story about Geordies wife-Margaret.
Lollipop lady is to moo-ve on

Dec 23 2008 by Johnathon Menzies, Perthshire Advertiser Tuesday

MUCH-LOVED lollipop lady Margaret Stewart escorted the pupils of Stanley Primary School over the village’s Perth Road for the last time on Friday.

And Margaret (65) told the PA she plans to swap children for cattle in a bid to keep active during her retirement.

“I started as a lollipop lady 34 years ago because the local policeman who was around at the time asked me to.

“I said I’d do it until my youngest daughter went from Stanley Primary to Perth Grammar School.

“But now she’s married, and has children, and I’m still doing it!

“It was my 65th birthday in November and my husband Geordie bought me a cow, I couldn’t believe it!

“We’ve called her Flossie, she actually had a calf recently – we’re going to keep them on a green near our house.

“We haven’t given the calf a name yet but I might be a bit cheeky and name it after my husband,” she said.

Margaret is not the only person to be given a cow upon reaching a significant milestone.

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer was also given the unusual prize after winning the first of his five Wimbledon titles in 2003.

With four adult children and six grandchildren, the Stanley resident went on to say that – coupled with her impending agricultural activities – she has plenty to keep her busy.

But Margaret added that her time on the crossing holds many fond memories.

“I will definitely miss the job, especially the kids and the exercise.

“The crossing is a brisk five-minute walk from my house and I had to do that, there and back, three times a day.

“I could tell anyone who wanted to know the name of every child who goes to the school, I will miss being able to do that.

“But I’ve had a good run and I’ve enjoyed it and, I tell you what, I won’t miss the winters,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo of said Lollypop Lady and two lovely girls.

Anonymous said...

Geordie -- what an old romantic?

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