Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Kelt Reconditioning December 2008.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Kelt Reconditioning December 2008.

This is Steve Keay stripping a ripe female Atlantic Salmon at the Government Hatchery at Almondbank, Perthshire, Scotland. The salmon they keep in the tanks there are ready to spawn. These Atlantic salmon have been caught throughout the Tay system over the years by various methods and once they have spawned they are reconditioned as kelts to spawn again the following year. Several of the salmon have spawned in excess of 7 times. In fact one fish had spawned 11 times but unfortunately died.

These are the eggs in a trays. All the reconditioned salmon are spring salmon and they are put back into the various tributaries of the Tay system that they came from. There are only 3 rod caught salmon left in the Tanks and one was a springer i caught seven years ago.

The salmon in the tanks.
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