Sunday, August 3, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland August 2008.

Salmon Fishing Scotland August 2008.
Fishing after a 5 foot spate at Benchil on the lower tay at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland.

There was a lot of rain on Thursday night and during Friday to put the river up to over 5 feet. As you can see from the picture it had dropped back over a foot on the Saturday morning (02/08/2008).There was a heavy peat stain in the river but hopefully this should set off the Grilse and Summer Salmon run.

John Driver with me and a fresh grilse which was caught spinning a flying C.

Paul Moodie and senior Ghillie George Stewart with a large brown trout.

Robin with a 4 pounds sea trout caught on a flying C.

The Sea trout was returned to the river for the future.


Anonymous said...

Nice Sea-trout.

Anonymous said...

Coated in medium oatmeal and shallow fried in ex virgin olive oil until golden brown, then served will nothing more than a wedge of lemon -- aah lovely.


Anonymous said...

Sure that is'nt a rawner sea trout,looks a bit coloured?

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