Monday, July 21, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Summer 2008.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Summer 2008.
Hard day for 2 salmon on the Pitlochrie beat at Stanley.

Charlotte Gifford spinning a flying C on the Dyke at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland on the lower Tay beat called Pitlochrie.
Not long after this she hooked a small salmon which went absolutely crazy and ran up the other side of the river in the shallow water and got stuck solid.
I tried to free the fish by letting line away but to no avail. I could still feel the fish but it would not free. After much debating in my head i decided to go to the other side of the river to see if i could free it. This meant walking 500 yards down stream and crossing the river by boat and walking or running up the other bank then wading 3/4 of the way back out into the river.
I did this and made up on the caught line. The fish had run up the shallow water behind the ledges getting stuck in the process. When i reached it i freed a couple of bits but still no sign of the fish. Finally on the third bit i could see the fish dead in the water hanging by the hook. I netted the fish on the opposite side of the river from which it was hooked. What a tale! Probably just as well that i had waded round as the fish would have been lost and died in the process.

Mrs Charlotte Gifford with the fish. A lovely fresh sea liced 7 pouds fish.

Brian Giles fly fishing in the Kirkie stream. We had another small grilse during the day which was released.


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of Brian and The Red Lodge!

Anonymous said...

Where was Geordie He could have gone across.He can walk on water!!!!

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