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Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release.
More tips on Catch and release.
Knowing your river, knowing the wild Atlantic salmon
* Live Release takes angling to a new level of understanding the river and the water conditions. It is knowing that high water temperatures and low water levels are particularly stressful to Atlantic salmon. It is taking that into account when you fish, and how you treat the fish on the end of the line.
Playing the wild salmon
* An Atlantic salmon on the end of that line is under stress and it is important not to play the fish to utter exhaustion. Severe exhaustion reduces the salmon's odds of surviving.
Bringing the Atlantic salmon in
* An exhausted fish needs help. Support the salmon underwater in a natural position facing the current, handling it as little as possible. Give it time to recover. The goal is for the wild Atlantic salmon to swim away on its own. Keep the salmon in the water. Like an athlete having just completed a major race, this fish needs all the oxygen it can get from the water passing over its gills.
* The goal is for the wild Atlantic salmon to swim away on its own.
Removing the hook from the wild Salmon.

* In quiet water, bring the wild salmon quickly within reach. Leaving the salmon in water and without squeezing it, remove the hook carefully with pliers or thumb and forefinger. If necessary, cut the leader near the fly and spare the fish.
Photographing the wild Atlantic salmon
* Plan Photographs Ahead. Check out our page on photographing wild salmon before releasing them.
* Got a good image you want to share? Email me a digital image and a note to let me use it on the blog.

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