Thursday, October 25, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Ness Monster Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Ness Monster Atlantic Salmon.
This is another picture of the well talked about monster from the river Ness. I think now they are saying the fish weighed about 45lbs. Incidently this fish was landed on the fly and full marks to the captures as they had no hesitation in returning it to the river.
This part was reported by Ian Neale from Morayshire and gives a good account of the fish on the Ness.
Don Milne from Aberdeen, hooked, landed and released a monster cock salmon of well over forty-five pounds on Saturday, 13th October, 2007 whilst fishing Dochfour Beat. The salmon was in advanced spawning livery and was caught on a ½ inch Loop tube Ally Shrimp in Burnmouth Pool. Don tells me that it took some forty minutes to bring it to the net, wielded by Grant Sutherland, Head Ghillie. It was kept it in the water at all times, and swam away quite happily after being held in the current for only a couple of minutes.

There were five witnesses, including two ghillies and three fishers and none of them had ever seen a fish of this size. Don has had fish of up to 29 lbs, and has seen fish into the mid thirties of pounds, however, this fish was very substantially larger. Don stated that he had never seen any Atlantic salmon of such proportions. Measurements of the fish were taken with separate pieces of nylon leader, which were later measured against a tape measure. The length from point of nose to the vee of the tail was fifty-six inches and the girth was fifty inches, however, there may be a degree of inaccuracy in these measurements since the fish was kept in the water at all times. It is indeed, encouraging to know that in this day and age, Scotland salmon fishing is still capable of producing potential record breakers and it is heartening to know that the salmon was released unharmed, hopefully to spawn successfully and augment the brood stock of big Ness fish.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is a big fish (kipper), but nothing like the rumours that abounded after the capture, I think Georgina's record is safe for the moment.
Are the results back from the scientists yet?
Still, commendable that is was returned.

It certainly "CAUGHT" the media, for that we can all have a laugh.


Anonymous said...

Why so important it was caught on the fly? (Purists -- ha bloody ha). A fly imitating a shrimp -- DOH.

45lbs. I DON'T THINK SO!
30 odd pounds at a push.

Remember this is from the "Loch Ness monster" area.


Anonymous said...

If that fish was indeed 56 inches long, according to the "Sturdy Scale" (as adjusted by Crawford Little and published as a poster in Trout and Salmon)it should have weighed over 72lbs!!
No doubt it will be photographed by some tourist at the Oich estuary and another "Nessie" sighting will have been logged.


Anonymous said...

the measurements from the big fish must be wrong.Geordie has a fifty inch girth and you couldnt get your arms around him.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll show my age and suggest the nylon they used was the very elastic "Platil". Also "Crawford Little" was total blether so his "Sturdy Scale" needs more than a pinch of salt.

Septic Sceptic

Anonymous said...

Who do they think they're kidding, 45lbs., 72lbs., some people will do anything for attention.
They want to GET A LIFE!

Oops did I just seek attention, sorry.

Keep up the good work Bobby, we appreciate it.

All the best, Mel. L

Anonymous said...

Yon "Platil" wis real shite, awfa stretchy, ye could play a fish withoot letting the drag go once, thank goodness for "Maxima".

A dinae think yon fish is anywhaur near a record breaker, jus an auld "kipper", only guid for the smoker.

Line Spinner

Anonymous said...

Not a record, but a great discussion point.
"Platil", next it will be the "wonderful" "Fishhawk", I think there may be a printing error in the spelling.
Anyway, good fun.

Keep giving us the photos Bobby.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

If this fish is indeed a contender for a record, why has the media not continued to take an interest, a case of "drop the dead donkey" perhaps.
Also no word from the scientists.


Anonymous said...

Next year Bob get your camera, scanner and "Photoshop" working in harmony and you could manipulate a photograph to get the "Tay's New Record".

These Inverness-shire cowboys should have been ignored in the first instance, obviously none of them have seen the type of large fish that used and occasionally still do run the Tay.

Lang may your lum reek, Bob.

All the best,

Ian Roberts said...

In the 1980's my friend caught a fish of 35lbs which was the width of the boot of a mini clubman (about the same as this fish). It was however a lean specimen and we said at the time that if it had been well filled out like this fish it would have been around 45lbs so this lokks a fair estimate.

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