Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Salmon Fly Fishing at Stanley.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catching Salmon Fly Fishing at Stanley Perthshire Scotland.
Alan McCaig with a salmon from the Long Shot pool of the Benchil beat of the lower Tay caught Fly Fishing.


Anonymous said...

I thought "Last of The Summer Wine's" Compo was dead, apparently not, alive and well and "Senior Ghillie" at Benchil.
Where's Nora Batty?


Anonymous said...

They're real gallus braces.

Or are they a brace o' galluses?

No "oor wullie", but, poor Geordie.


Anonymous said...

The HOT ORANGE garters and high lighted hair really set off the ensemble.


Anonymous said...

Has Geordie seen Wall Street?

Anonymous said...

Galluses great, but, what about the "Harry Lauder" Tam'o'Shanter.
Surely a pair of style icons.

Paul Smith

Anonymous said...

After tomorrow (15th Oct.) Geordie can get time for the tailor's (Ferguson's, County Place, Perth) and get back to his usual sartorial elegance.


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