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Salmon Fishing Scotland The Catholes on the Tay, Perthshire.

Salmon Fishing Scotland The Catholes on the Tay, Perthshire. 

1000 yard double bank, boat and bank ghillied fishing with a comfortable hut and wc just above Stanley Mills.

Streamy water, pools and rapids with an emphasis on traditional anchored boat and bank fishing.

Fly fishing friendly.
Catholes is available six days a week in various formats. 

Catholes offers good spinning and fly fishing from bank and anchored boat in mostly small easily covered pools. Although known as an excellent spring beat it can offer good summer and autumn sport as well, due to its attractive streamy water.

The beat is situated about six miles from the top reaches of the tidal water in Perth. In the spring with water temperatures being low, the salmon tend to have their first stop in the waters around Stanley because of the dramatic rise in gradient and the Weir at the top of the Catholes thus making it a prime early spring beat.
On Catholes we have been looking hard at modern fishing trends and how they can improve the experience of visiting anglers. As a result we have decided to reduce the number of rods fishing our beats at any one moment from 6 to 4. This will increase the time that individual fishers spend on the productive pools, give our fishers more time in the boat and give the pools more time to rest. We are confident that these measures will increase the catches per rod per day and elevate the experience of fishing our beats to a new level. Fishing is increasingly an escape from the pressures of the modern world and the reduction in rod pressure has been greeted with great enthusiasm by our regular rods.

The beat has 13 named pools including The Slap, The Pot, Gean Tree, Little Cast, Catholes Stream, Black Stones, Back Dam, Lucknow, Eric's, Geoff's, Freddie's Woodside and The Little Head.

For availability book on Fishtay or contact us direct at 01738827416. 

Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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