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Salmon Fishing Scotland The Dalmore Tay Dram Launch.

Salmon Fishing Scotland The Dalmore Tay Dram Launch.

The Dalmore Tay Dram Launch.

Private Reception and Canapes to launch the Dalmore Tay Dram and the 4 Rivers Collection whisky. There are still places available at this event. Please apply to the TSFB office at Almondbank Tel 01738583733. ALL TAY GHILLIES WELCOME WITH THEIR GUESTS.
After much work behind the scenes the Tay Salmon Fisheries Board are delighted to announce the Tay Dram will launch officially on Tuesday 5th April at the Scone Palace. There will be a facility provided at the event for orders to be taken for the Tay Dram.

What is it ?
The Dalmore Tay Dram is a 12 year old expression of the world famous Dalmore single malt whisky and is a limited edition. The Tay Dram has been aged in 50% Oloroso sherry wood and 50% American white oak casks.

Why is it being produced ?
The River Tay is a world renowned river and designated special area for conservation. Over the years the combined impacts of changing land management practices, industry and development have taken their toll on the Tay and the wildlife associated with it. This concept was born out of a willingness from people to use an innovative collaborative approach to help restore this globally iconic river back to its former glories.

How much money goes to helping the river ?
There will be a generous donation made from every bottle sold to the Tay Foundation which will help substantially with restoration and conservation work.

What’s the plan for spending the money ?
The Tay Foundation in conjunction with the Tay Salmon Fisheries Board will use the money for river projects such as improve the habitat along the tributaries, ease man-made obstructions to fish migration allowing fish access to hundreds of miles of spawning and nursery areas, as well as planting native trees on the riverbanks in the upper sections of the Tay to protect the rare and threatened spring salmon. The work will not only improve the conditions for fish but also the broad spectrum of wildlife along the River.

I don’t fish the Tay- So what ?
Our hope is that the Dalmore Tay dram can become a practical example of what can be achieved. We sincerely believe that we can improve the River Tay, but only if all parties pull together. The Dalmore Tay Dram has provided a great focus and a way for lots of people to contribute. We would urge people to think about the message that this project can send and the wider implications for conservation projects in other areas.

How long will it be before we see some results ?
Fish passes are very expensive but the results are quick. We hope to have funds in place to begin work in 2012. Landscape change and habitat restoration are a longer process but work is ongoing and more can be done as soon as funds are in place. So basically as soon as we can sell the whisky, the sooner we can get cracking!

I think this is a great idea- what can I do to help as I’d like to get involved.
Obviously buying a bottle is great, but there are other things that you can do. You can become an advocate of the project:
Convince your local pub and bar to stock a bottle!
Influence your company to use the Dalmore Tay dram as a corporate gift
Tell all of your friends about the project
If you are visiting Tayside then please make sure your hotel or B&B has a bottle.

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