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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the first week in July 2010 and Prospects for the coming week.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the first week in July 2010 and Prospects for the coming week.

River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the first week in July 2010.
After 49 salmon being reported last week, this week was much better with 98 salmon and 12 Sea Trout after the rise in water last weekend. The fresh water seemed to trigger off a run of summer salmon and grilse with the prospect of more to come. A few other salmon and sea trout were caught as well but not registered.

The river rose by two and a half feet and the temperature dropped back to 60F or 15C making ideal conditions for salmon to run. The result was the start of an encouraging summer run of salmon and grilse which moved up throughout the Tay system as the catches demonstrated. The river dropped back throughout the week and the peaty stain started to disappear. The weather was not ideal with heavy showers and strong winds but you cannot have everything! The river came up a foot on Saturday due to a hydro rise on Friday night, which curtailed catches on Saturday.

This week the catches came form the lower and middle river with the water levels rising. There was a good proportion of salmon caught as opposed to grilse, which was encouraging. The grilse run should improve, as we get closer to august. We have not had a strong run as yet which hopefully will improve. It is absolutely imperative we continue to adhere to our catch and release policy to return all spring salmon to preserve what we have for the future. Thank you all for making this possible so far.

The lower river produced 45 out of the 98 salmon caught. All the lower beats caught as the salmon ran up the river. The Salmon seem to be continuing to run hard through the lower stretches with few showing but they are being caught as the catches indicate. These fish must be running to the upper areas, as the fish start to slow down and even stop they will start to show more and more. The lower river needs settled conditions now to improve catches but last week was very encouraging for future weeks and the number of summer salmon that were caught was good. Numbers will increase as the grilse run strengthens but the lower river needs low water to give good sport.
Best catch in a day was on Islamouth on Friday with 6 salmon landed all fly fishing.

Mike Lelacheur featured well landing several during his three day visit.

Dr Francis Jennings also had a good week down at Stanley landing and releasing 4 salmon on the Pitlochrie and Benchil fishing’s during the week on fly and spinner. It is heartening that all the beats were featuring in the catches and long may this continue.

The middle Tay caught 38 salmon for the week. Coupar Grange had 24 Salmon on the Isla with a few grilse included, which were described as being in good condition in the 4 to 5 pound class. The largest salmon of the week came from the Kercock beat weighing 20 pounds. The rise in water levels has certainly helped the middle river and this will continue next week.

The Upper River and Loch reported 15, which is an improvement on previous weeks but this will get better now with the increase in river levels allowing salmon and grilse to run upstream. There are now over 2500 salmon through the Pitlochry fish ladder which is on a par with the 5 year average.

Tom Leitch also got his Tummel season going with a nice 9 pound salmon from the Sawmill stream on the Pitlochry Angling stretch fly fishing. Michael Bouyer caught a lovely 14 pounds fresh salmon on the Upper Farleyer beat on Wednesday fly fishing following his successful visit to the same beat earlier in the season.

Many thanks for all the pictures and information everyone sent me in the past (ghillies and anglers) and also to all who have sent me their individual fishing experiences. I would be most grateful if you continue to send me information by emailing me at to be included in this report.

Prospects for the coming week.
As of Monday the river is settling back after a four feet rise on the lower river due to the weekend rain, a run of summer salmon and grilse started last week and the fresh water should make this continue and encourage them to run up the river.

The weather is to continue unsettled for the week with a chance of some rain showers but hopefully the river will settle to enable the current conditions to improve and enjoy some good sport. A bit of fresh water in the river will again encourage salmon to run and improve sport even to the outer most areas of the system.

The water temperature remains at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius. There is good availability throughout the river so why not have a go.

As to methods, spinning and fly fishing from the bank should enable you to catch the elusive Tay summer salmon and grilse. I would suggest using sink tips on the Tay for fly fishing, as it is a fast flowing river and this would stop the fly skating on the surface. When spinning at this time of year a Toby or Flying C spun quickly can do the trick. Cast slightly upstream then wind like mad. Harling is also a favoured method at this time of year if there is enough water.

Finally you are reminded that the Tay's policy for June - October 2010 is that all hen salmon, male salmon over 10 pounds and all sea trout should be released, ie the Tay has adopted a policy of 100% catch and release for hen salmon and sea trout. Salmon are a scarce and precious resource. Please help preserve both them and the long
term future of your sport by following the recommendations.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on to be included in this report.

Tight lines.

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