Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Catch and Release.
Thank you for all your comments and keep them coming.
There certainly is a lot of diverse opinions on this emotive subject.
I certainly would agree that it would be better to solve this on a voluntary basis without bringing in mandatory catch and release policy from the Scottish Executive. If the Tay does not achieve a far better percentage this coming season I fear the worst because everyone at government level is watching the Tay very closely.
The Tay Proprietors will have adopt the Tay Boards guide lines and help the Ghillies
as up until now it has been the individuals choice whether to return a fish or not.
Just a thought, If far more fish are released then just think of the millions of extra eggs being released throughout the system which would be even more effect than the Hatchery and secure the future for years to come. Rivers have to produce that much more nowadays to get the same returns due to the sea mortality which is out of our control.

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